Free Tarot readings

“People do not value a thing if they do not pay for it.” (Gurdjieff)

With more then 25 theoretical and practical experience in Tarot, I provide professional Tarot readings. I am happy to do a Tarot reading for any genuine souls out there.

Tarot readings:

1. 3-card reading – FREE (public answer)
2. 7-card reading – $50.48 (about 45.00 EUR)
3. 10-card reading – $67.30 (about 60.00 EUR)

1. For answers to simple questions, a 3-card reading is usually enough to receive a consistent answer.

Normally this should cost you $28.04 (about 25 EUR) however on TAROTATOR we have decided to offer you for FREE one 3-card Tarot reading.

All you have to do to get ONE FREE READING is to read carefully the instructions below and the recommended blog post, which would help you choose your question wisely!

In order to give you a very specific answer to a very specific question it helps if you would specify your age, gender and what is the true nature of your question (for example if it’s work or life related).

What you need to do then is to post your question here below in the comment box and we will answer it as soon as possible. Choose a nickname and enter your e-mail address correctly – it will NOT be shown publicly nor used for other purposes but for the system to inform you when the reading is posted here online. Please check the box: Notify me of new comments via email to learn when we have answered your question.
Of curse, you can use a fake name, a fake e-mail address, but then you will have to check this page regularly till you will find your answer published. It’s alright, we’re not after your e-mail address.

At TAROTATOR I answer all our FREE readings publicly. For more detailed and private readings please choose one of these options or contact us.

2. With the Game of Choices you can find answers to more complex questions similar to “what will it be if I would do this or if I would do that”, respectively choosing between two specific options. This requires a 7-card reading and it will cost you $50.48 (about 45.00 EUR).

3. For only $67.30 (about 60.00 EUR) you can have The Celtic Cross (or any other) reading with 10 cards.

Once I receive your question by e-mail with the confirmation of your payment, I will make the reading within 48 hours.
Included in the reading is a tea light candle which I will burn for you as part of the cleansing process during the reading.
You will receive the written reading and a digital photo of your spread by e-mail.

Before ordering a Tarot reading you should read:

How to ask a Tarot question and

No such thing as luck
Tarot: what is it and what is it not

Also read more about the recommended Tarot spreads and the options you have:

3 cards simple spread (including demo interpretation)
More 3-card reading examples: 1 and 2.
Game of Choices (7 cards spread)
Pathfinder (7 cards spread)
Relationship Circle (7 cards spread)
Celtic Cross (10 cards spread)

More Tarot spreads HERE.

Buy a Tarot reading:

US Dollars:

Tarot readings


Tarot readings

Tarot spread, 3 cards 1

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    Hi-I don’t usually ask the L question but here it is. Will I be finding someone who is compatible for a love relationship?

  2. Admin says:

    Hi! before asking a question, you should read my guide How to ask a Tarot question. Nobody can give you a honest, beyond any doubt YES or NO answer with Tarot cards.
    So, you should read the post and reformulate your question and then I can give you an answer.
    Best Regards,

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