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18 Responses

  1. drgnflymoon says:

    Hi-I don’t usually ask the L question but here it is. Will I be finding someone who is compatible for a love relationship?

  2. Admin says:

    Hi! before asking a question, you should read my guide How to ask a Tarot question. Nobody can give you a honest, beyond any doubt YES or NO answer with Tarot cards.
    So, you should read the post and reformulate your question and then I can give you an answer.
    Best Regards,

  3. rinamay says:

    Will I get a new job within a few months?

  4. sara says:

    What’s on the horizon for my love life in the following 12 months?

  5. Admin says:

    Internet is a strange place to be. It was some sort glitch in the system, your message get lost between the zeros and ones and managed to find its way back to me only today. From 25th February to 11th July it was quite a trip – I guess!
    So, regarding your question. I wouldn’t be able to give you a proper answer anyway.
    While this is a free service offer, you should have read the guidelines and at least the post about How to ask a Tarot question.
    If you do so and have a proper question, I will answer you kindly.
    Thanks a lot and have a nice day!

  6. Admin says:

    Thank you for your question!
    First of all, the twelve months’ time-table it’s a very long period. In anybody’s life many things can happen. Three cards are not enough to make a serious prediction. Generally, I discourage this kind of long approaches and I think you should think instead in terms of 3 weeks or 3 months at top.
    Although, there are dedicated spreads for analysing long periods such a year.
    On the other hand, in the field of relationships twelve months is a long time and not everything is up to you exclusively.
    So, consider this a pick into your emotional life for the next 3 months, ok?

    Let’s see the cards now!

    Present: Queen of Pentacles (Disks). It seems you make up your mind and there is nothing that can make you change it now. It seems there is an opportunity and you’re right on spot to grab it.
    On the other hand, you’re very conservative and stick to the traditions, you want everything to be exactly as you imagine it should be.
    Past – the root of your question: 3 of Disks reversed. The card represents determination, work, persistence, constancy and extraordinary work capacity. Reversed it signify that you had to face serious obstacles in order to get what you wanted. Hard work makes the fruit of success even sweeter!
    Future: King of Wands reversed. You have some interesting ideas, but maybe you’re too much in the hurry or you are not capable to find the right way to explain what you want. Take it easy. A good relationship needs time and attention, you have waited so long, it’s no use to hurry now.

  7. sara says:

    Thank you!

  8. Admin says:

    You’re welcome! And I hope it helps!

  9. Sara AER says:

    I’m 26, female, and I’d like to ask what is the potential future for me and my long distance ex (24, M) that I can’t seem to separate from? We both still have feelings but while I want to resolve our issues, he feels it’s better for us both if we don’t. We can’t seem to part ways but can’t get back together either. Thank you.

  10. Admin says:

    Thanks for your question.
    First, some personal considerations. Long-distance relationships are difficult. It takes two to make a couple work and both partners should pull the ‘chariot of their relationship’ in the same direction.
    As you already mentioned, your boyfriend is pulling away.

    But let’s see the cards!

    Current situation: Page of Swords. One of the characteristics of this aspect is the unwillingness to follow the beaten tracks. You should think outside the box and find alternative solutions for your problem. The Sun in Aquarius is in Detriment (Opposition at 180°), you have to reconciliate the passion and possessiveness of the Sun with the revolutionary ideas and out busting generated by the airy aspect of Aquarius. One of you want to go out and experiment, the other one is more focused on the relationship and concerned to make it work.
    Past issues (the root of the current situation): 4 of Cups. This card signifies emotional dysfunctionality and instability. It may be caused by external pressure – maybe from the family or friend. Sometimes you build up your own little (dream) world and you’re completely disrupted from reality.
    Outcome – the direction in which currently you’re going: 3 of Disks. The keywords here are work and perseverance. Nothing is impossible to achieve if you’re determined and willing to work hard enough.
    But keep in mind, in a relationship it takes two and you both have to pull in the same direction!

    Take care and I hope it was helpful!

  11. Sara AER says:

    Thank you, I appreciate the insight and it does describe what’s been going on pretty well.
    Funnily enough I have an Aquarius moon, so in general, facing these issues, he is more concerned with the possibility of the relationship not working after all the effort put into migration. Or even the work to do it causing us to split. It’s his concern about the relationship not lasting that’s stopping him. I’m the one to say if we love each other we’ll figure it out, I’m down to try just about anything to make it work.

    There definitely was emotional dysfunction. We both have a quick temper that can last for days that we both do try very hard to curb. It was my snapping at him followed by a day and a half of arguing that caused the initial problem. Throw in him telling his mother about wanting to migrate to marry me back in January and her freaking out on him and speaking very poorly of me after acting as if we were friends, things weren’t easy.

    Very happy to think that while nothing is definite, there may be hope with some hard work. I just hope when he’s less stressed with uni we can try to talk again. =) For now we’ve chosen to not speak so I can have some emotional stability.

  12. Admin says:

    Thanks! Glad I could help!
    Take care and all my best wishes!

  13. Anne says:

    I am 34, female, and I’d like to ask what is the potential future for me and my love. xxxxxx is his birthdate. Thank you.
    I actually would like to know what he feels for me. And what can i do to have a lasting relationship with him? Thank you.

  14. Admin says:

    Thanks for your question.
    Before you ask a question, it would be nice to read carefully this article and the other articles recommended in it to have a clear understanding of the Tarot, how it works and how I work, for what kind of questions I provide answers.
    The three card readings don’t give you deep insight regarding the issues, only revels the major aspects of the general situation.

    I will edit your question to erase the personal data you provided and I strongly advice you that in the future not to share any personal data publicly on the internet.
    So, if I understand it right, it’s 10 years difference between the two of you.
    Theoretically, any longer than 7 years difference is at least problematic at some point. That because you are on different cycles of life and evolution, have different needs, different energy and different desires, simply, not running in the same cycle of life. Generally, it may lead to an abusive type of relation where the stronger, the more experienced took advantage of the other, use her/him for her/his own needs and purposes. When you’re older and have more experience, pretty much easily can manipulate and take advantage of someone younger and less experienced. It is also called “vampirical” relationship. A person’s energy, needs and desires at 30 differs from somebody’s at 40.
    I can’t tell you what he feels for you, and nobody can, except him. Anybody tells you otherwise, lies. The Tarot is not some sort of occult spying tool, can’t reveal somebody else’s thoughts, feelings or actions.
    When you ask the right question, other people’s actions may appear in your cards when those actions concern you, and that’s how you may gain knowledge of some sort of things regarding others.
    So, I only can give you some insight regarding what you can do to have a lasting relationship.
    Present, current situation: The Hierophant. The Hierophant represents a mature, ambitious person. A father figure. A leader or an influential person, a protector.
    Past (The root of the current situation): Queen of Wands. Queen of Wands signify impatience. Uranus in Leo is determined, impatient and rebellious. They don’t care about traditions. Their strong personalities are assertive, and they often rub other people the wrong way. Uranus in Leo takes no time in making decisions and leaping ahead of everyone else. They don’t think about the consequences of their actions, making them taking risks without thinking of the consequences.
    Future (in which direction evolves according to current tendencies): Nine of Cups. Nine of Cups signifies dreams. That sometimes mean that you are satisfied with the current situation and circumstances and you’re not willing to make any changes, or may signify that you are mistaken reality for your dreams, kind of falsification of reality to make you feel safe and comfortable.

    Hope it was at least a little bit helpful and eloquent.

    Best Regards,


  15. Anne says:

    Thank u very much for this reading. I have comments which i cannot post in public. How can i send you privately thru mail? Thanks

  16. Admin says:

    I have sen you a short mail, eventually check your span too.

  17. Esther says: are you doing?please id love to know if ill find my soulmate this year finally and where?thanks a lot for your help.

  18. Admin says:

    Thanks for your question.
    Please excuse me for the late response, but so many things going on with my life lately, I barley have time to breath.

    Before you ask a question, it would be nice to read carefully this article and the other articles recommended in it to have a clear understanding of the Tarot, how it works and for what kind of questions I can provide answers.
    If you will find – or not – your “soulmate”, it’s entirely up to you. Are you looking? Some people are simply waiting for “miracles” to happen and they waste their entire life waiting. Good things may happen in your life only when you’re acting and make things happen.
    You asked where you can find it. I really don’t know that and, honestly, no one’s know. Anybody who say otherwise is a liar.

    So, I will make an exception and I will take a look into your love life, present, past and how it will evolve in the next period.
    Let’s see those cards!

    Present: Page of Wands reversed. Somebody’s playing (mind) games with you. It may signify that he/she is undecided, or it may be his/her nature to don’t let people know what he/she really feels or wants.
    Past (the root of the problem): Five of Disks. This card means steadiness. In love matters it represents the situation of „Misery loves company” – Two lonely souls find support in each other. Sharing their misery makes them forget about their own misery, pain and loneliness. Surprisingly, sometimes this kind of relationships, based on mutual interests, support and respect, may work better than those based on intense emotions. No love, no committeemen, no strings attached. Sometimes these compromises do not really work out and you only going to feel even worst.
    Future: Ten of Wands. The card signifies adventure. It may be both fun and dangerous. If you really want to have a relationship, you have to get your “hands dirty”, step up to the ring and dance, get into the play. Standing aside, hiding in the shadows will not going to get you anywhere.

    Kind Regards,


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