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Page (Princess) of Disks – Reconciling/Intuitive
(Earth of Earth/Mutable, 36=3+6=9)
Astrology: Saturn in Virgo
Time: 23 August – 22 September (Virgo)
Numerology: 11
Fortune Telling with Playing Cards:
Jack of Diamonds

Saturn relates to time, mortality, structure, and making sure everything is in place, to get where you want to go. Saturn fares well in earnest, productivity-minded Virgo.
This bestows a methodical nature, someone not afraid of working hard. It lends extraordinary patience, with the ability to keep a schedule others find tedious. A challenge with Saturn in Virgo is making work meaningful, linking all this effort to a higher sense of purpose.
If there’s a crisis during Saturn turning points, it could be related to this – aligning the higher calling with the day-to-day.
An event or illness may make the body a central focus for those with this Saturn. There may be a physical limitation that tests their endurance. And because Saturn means lack or delay, in Virgo there might have been little physical autonomy when young. A parent might have been overly involved in bodily functions, for example. The body system may have seemed out of whack, and often was mirroring the chaos of the home.
Saturn in Virgo may have experienced a general lack of boundaries while growing up.
The challenge, then, is to work back to a state of purified, whole-unto-oneself state. This may lead them on an odyssey to wholeness, to become healers or health professionals.
In an effort to create structure, Saturn in Virgos may go overboard with compulsive habits that look neurotic to the outsider. There’s a craving for inner purpose, but often that seems elusive. The key to finding an anchor of the self lies with the body, and its particular intelligence.
This can make Saturn in Virgos devoted to constantly refining their health regimen.
Saturn in Virgo brings a focus on the intricate workings, and how details add up to the big picture. It draws them into their own physical system, but also to the Earth body, as well. Some are inspired to serve the environment. Through hard work, they can use their instinctual knowledge of how systems are linked, and be of service that way.
The dreadful word slave comes up with Virgo, and with Saturn here, there’s often a rising up out of shackles of some kind. The full expression of Virgo is someone whose service comes like a gift from within their wholeness of self.
Saturn’s lessons are about finding your own authority.
Having Saturn in Virgo may mean feeling used and abused, or always under someone’s thumb. The victory comes when Saturn in Virgo finds personal power through self-healing. When they’ve cleaned up their act, they’re ready to maintain this delicate balance by serving others. (Source:

The Number 11 – Saturn, Reactive/Practical (Earth)
Positive traits:
– Responsible, patient, resourceful, loyal, executive character and abilities, political skills, expert handling of power and authority, working for a cause, achieving recognition, exercising sound judgment, decisive and commanding.
Negative traits:
– Distrusting, dictatorial, inhibited, materialistic, overly ambitious, conceited, repressing subordinates, impatient with people.

Crowley: Princess of Disks. The Princess of Disks, the last of the Court cards, represents the earthy part of Earth. She is consequently on the brink of transfiguration. She is strong and beautiful, with an expression of intense brooding, as if about to become aware of secret wonder. Her crest is the head of the ram, and her sceptre descends into the earth. There its head becomes a diamond, the precious stone of Kether, thus symbolizing the birth of the highest and purest light in the deepest and darkest of the Elements. She stands within a grove of sacred trees before an altar suggesting a wheatsheaf, for she is a priestess of Demeter. She bears within her body the secret of the future. Her sublimity is further emphasized by the disk which she bears; for in the centre thereof is the Chinese ideogram denoting the twin spiral force of Creation in perfect equilibrium; from this is born the rose of Isis, the great fertile Mother.
The characteristics of an individual signified by this card are too various to enumerate; one must summarize by saying that she is Womanhood in its ultimate projection. She contains all the char acteristics of woman, and it would depend entirely upon the influences to which she is subjected whether one or another becomes manifest. But in every case her attributes will be pure in themselves, and not necessarily connected with any other attributes which in the normal way one regards as symbolic. In one sense, then, her general reputation will be of bewildering inconsistency. It is rather like a lottery wheel from which the extraction of any number does not predict or influence the result of any subsequent operation. The fruit of the Philosophy of Thelema is enjoyed, rare, ripe, nourishing and vitalizing at its highest and fullest in this meditation; for to the adept every turn of the wheel is equally probable, and equally a prize; for every Event is “a play of Nuit”.
In the Yi King the earthy part of Earth is represented by the 52nd hexagram, Kan. The meaning is “a mountain”; of how sublime a significance is this Chinese doctrine of Balance, and how closely congruous with that of the Holy Qabalah! The mountain is the most sacred of all terrestrial symbols, stark, rugged, and immoveable in its aspiration to the Highest, thrust up as it is by the Titan energy of Hidden Fire. It is no less an hieroglyph of the Inmost Godhead than the Phallus itself, even as Capricornus, the sign of the New Year, is exalted in the Zodiac, its deity autoch thonous no less than the Most Holy Ancient One himself.

Waite: A youthful figure, looking intently at the pentacle which hovers over his raised hands. He moves slowly, insensible of that which is about him.
Application, study, scholarship, reflection another reading says news, messages and the bringer thereof; also rule, management.
Reversed: Prodigality, dissipation, liberality, luxury; unfavourable news.

Fortune Telling with Playing Cards:
Jack of Diamonds – A youth, possibly in uniform. Or, a jealous person who may be unreliable. A person who brings news, generally negative, but relatively minor.

Page-Princess of Disks


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