The Empress

Written by  on February 26, 2016


Powerful and reliable, Taurus is the first when it comes to harvesting the fruits of his labor. They love everything that is good and beautiful, and they are often surrounded by material pleasures. People born under the Taurus sign are very sensual and tactile. Read more…

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Queen of Disks

Written by  on February 21, 2016


Those born with Pluto in Taurus are persistent. Once they make up their mind about something, it is almost impossible to get them to change it. They have an innate talent at handling resources and manipulating their environment to suit their needs. They need material security, and once they gain possession of something it is difficult for them to let it go. They have a unique talent for making things work in their favor. Read more…

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5 of Disks

Written by  on February 18, 2016


„Misery loves company” – Two lonely souls find support in each other. Sharing their misery makes them forget about their own misery, pain and loneliness. Surprisingly, sometimes this kind of relationships, based on mutual interests, support and respect, may work better than those based on intense emotions.
No love, no committeemen, no strings attached.
Sometimes, it’s exactly as Marilyn Manson has describe it in his song ‘User Friendly’: “I’m not in love, but I’m gonna f_ck you ’til somebody better comes along.” Read more…

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10 of Disks

Written by  on February 17, 2016


Earth brings focus, persistence, and physical strength to succeed to the fragile, meditative Virgo. The material gain, the wealth is the result of hard work and perseverance. The steady growth imply both detailed planning and precise execution. Read more…

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3 of Disks

Written by  on February 16, 2016


Earth represents work, persistence, constancy and extraordinary work capacity. Capricorn and the 10th House, the House of Social Status, represents our ambitions, career and our desire for social appreciation. 7 is an odd number which means that it’s not easy to achieve our goals, but hard work and determination eventually will pay out. Read more…

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