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Demo Tarot reading regarding wealth

Written by  on October 31, 2017


Question from the querent:

– Is there money in my future?

Before we get started, you should know that I’m here to provide guidance, not to predict the future, I’m not a fortune-teller, but a spiritual guide. I will not sugar-coat my message, I will provide straight and honest answers. I can only show you the opportunities and what your options are at this moment in time, and you’ve got to understand that the decisions are yours to take and you are the only one who can actually do something to change things in your life. Wealth, love, enlightenment, health and any other ‘good things’ (bad included) don’t just happen in one’s life. Well, I guess you would argue that some people win the lottery, but those are the very few exceptions to the rule, extraordinary cases, out of the ordinary. Read more…

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What do I have to do in order to become a writer?

Written by  on April 24, 2016

As a result of my FREE TAROT READING campaign, here is the question from L.L.:
What do I have to do in order to become a writer?
First of all, thanks for your question.
I think your question is a little bit more complex to be answered with a simple three card reading. It needs a more in depth analysis and probably a ten card reading.
But I have read the cards for you and this is what I have seen. Read more…

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Written by  on April 13, 2016

“People do not value a thing if they do not pay for it.” (Gurdjieff)

With more then 25 theoretical and practical experience in Tarot, I provide professional Tarot readings. I am happy to do a Tarot reading for any genuine souls out there.

Tarot readings:

1. 3-card reading – PUBLICLY ANSWERED: FREE
 Read more…

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