The Hierophant or The High Priest

Written by  on February 25, 2016


When it comes to professionalism and traditional values, Capricorn is the first. Capricorn is practical and is considered to be the most serious sign of the zodiac, who possess an independence that enables significant progress both on the personal level and in business. Read more…

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The Devil

Written by  on February 23, 2016


Saturn, is the ruler of Capricorn. In Greek Mythology, Cronus was one of the Titans, and the father of Zeus. Cronus ate his children to prevent himself from being dethroned as the King of the Gods. That is, until his wife, Rhea, tricked him into swallowing a stone when Zeus was born. Read more…

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Knight of Disks

Written by  on February 21, 2016


With the Moon in Capricorn, you are likely to have an innately serious and responsible nature, seeking to make the most of whatever resources you have at your disposal. Read more…

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7 of Disks

Written by  on February 18, 2016


The best quality of Saturn is system and the best quality of Aries is leadership. Therefore, if you have Saturn in Aries, you can be a very capable leader, one who knows what to do and is not afraid of going out and doing it no matter what it takes or how long it takes. Read more…

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9 of Disks

Written by  on February 17, 2016


Saturn relates to time, mortality, structure, and making sure everything is in place, to get where you want to go. Saturn fares well in earnest, productivity-minded Virgo.
This bestows a methodical nature, someone not afraid of working hard. It lends extraordinary patience, with the ability to keep a schedule others find tedious. A challenge with Saturn in Virgo is making work meaningful, linking all this effort to a higher sense of purpose. Read more…

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2 of Disks

Written by  on February 16, 2016


Saturn is the tester, and for souls born with Saturn in Capricorn the test is in humility and the use of power. You have a great love of power and the desire to dominate others, but need to learn to let power flow through you and feel yourself as its instrument rather than the great dictator. Read more…

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