The 5 Elements or the Sunrise spread

This 5 cards spread it’s a more accurate version of the “3 cards simple spread” and it’s a good spread for everyday use. If it’s possible make the reading during the sunrise. No such thing as “good” or “bad” day, only days we are prepared and days we are not prepared for. This Tarot spread will provide the informations you need to be prepared, take one day at time.
The “5th Element” it’s the man/woman, the receiver, the beneficiary (the recipient) and the sender of the other 4 Elements (energies, influences). If you know the energies involved in your life, you can use them in your own benefit.
Fire represent action and will, attitude, reactions and impulsiveness.
Water represent emotions, feelings.
Air represent thoughts, fears and hopes.
Earth represent the material world, money, the tangible things.

Shuffle and cut the cards three times then pick five cards. Place them as it shown with face down except card zero. Turn them over one by one in order to read and interpret.

1st card – MAN/WOMAN. The querent. His position, situation.
2nd card – FIRE. Action/Will. What he/she should do, things need to be done, how to act today.
3rd card – WATER. Emotion. What he/she feel, what emotional signals he/she will send or receive.
4th card – AIR. Thoughts. What he/she think, his/her hopes and fears.
5th card – EARTH. Physical/Material world. What he/she accomplish today or what obstacles crossing his/her way.

The 5th Element or the Sunrise spread

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