The Crystal Tarot deck by Elisabetta Trevisan

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The Crystal Tarots has multi-coloured cards with an art nouveau and stained glass look. The This is the 78 card edition, which was first published as a 22-card art deck, the Tarocchi di Vetro. The minors in the 78-card edition are a re-working of card designs originally by Eudes Picards.
On the Tree of Life, where the pure intellect of Briah intertwines with the etheric framework of Yetzirah, there in the beauteous and unifying Sun of Tifaret, Chalices may contain the mercies and severity of Air, and Swords be as sharp and sweet as Water. The Crystal Tarot by Elisabetta Trevisan boldly dares to take the true spirit of the Four Worlds in hand, and she has created with her vision what, in and of itself, surpasses the sublime. (
This is a very beautiful deck with exceptional artwork. I simply love it!
Elisabetta Trevisan was born in 1957 in Merano, a town in northern Italy bordering on Austria. She attended the art school of Padua. Her father is a famous illustrator and cartoonist.
She lives and works in Treviso.

Name: Crystal Tarots
Alternate Names: Glass Tarots, Tarocchi di Vetro
Creators: Elisabetta Trevisan
Publisher: Lo Scarabeo
Deck Type: Tarot Deck
Cards: 78
Major Arcana: 22
Minor Arcana: 56
Deck Tradition: Italian
Minor Arcana Style: Combination
The Fool is 0

Elisabetta Trevisan

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