The Grail Tarot

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Combining Grail and Knights Templar legend, it requires commitment to learn to use. I suppose you could read it based solely on pictures straight out of the box, but then you would miss the point of the deck entirely, and that would be a shame, as quite a bit of thought has gone into it, and using the complete system properly gives considerable insight into Grail lore, Templar history, and a light introduction to the tenets of the Gnostic heresies.
Each suit tells the story of a cycle of questing for a single Templar Knight character, referred throughout the book as the Seeker. We are to identify ourselves, as user of the pack, with the Seeker. In each quest, the Seeker journeys out, gets his butt kicked and handed back to him, goes back to home base having learned important things, and then sets out again for another go. Each card in the suit illustrates a scene from the quest. (More at:

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