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In the global context of the book market flooded by countless publications regarding esoteric subjects such as Tarot, Astrology, Numerology, Kabbalah, Alchemy or the Fourth Way, and numerous Tarot decks available, why somebody should choice to purchase this particular book and Tarot deck?
The Unified Esoteric Tarot deck represent not only formally, but fundamentally a departure from any other Tarot deck you know.
The design and layout of the Unified Esoteric Tarot deck, it’s a total departure from the traditional approach and from any other deck available on the market right now. Instead replacing the classic figures of the cards with diverse kind of artwork, with funny animal pictures, fairies, angels or scary demonic creatures, I choice a simple, but elegant and symbolically representative design, based on geometry and esoteric symbols and allegorical representations which enable a fast and intuitive reading. It’s easy to distinct between the different group of cards and each card contains all the relevant and necessary information to interpret the meaning of the cards, but also to identify easily the balance and the connection between the cards in a spread. I created 6 easily distinguishable design of cards.
The cards are also double colour coded and for the very first time in the history of the Tarot, each card bears two titles, one for the straight and one for the reversed meaning of the card which facilitate substantially the reading and interpretation of the cards.
Although this system is based on a well-defined philosophical and practical structure, it enables a very flexible and intuitive reading even at first glance.

Philosophically and theoretically, the Unified Esoteric Tarot also represents a departure from the traditional approach and offers an alternative to the systems currently in use.
Although there are books which connect the Tarot with different other esoteric sciences, such as Kabbalah, Astrology or Numerology, the Unified Esoteric Tarot provides a simple formula and system which correlates all the esoteric teachings into a unitary body of knowledge. By reading one book, you will gain access to the basic knowledge not only regarding the Tarot, but interconnected and organically incorporated you will be taught also about the Fourth Way, Astrology, Numerology, Kabbalah and Alchemy.
The book provides a brand-new perspective upon these sciences.
The architecture of the Tarot deck is based on Astrology. Alesister Crowley stated that the Tarot deck is a blueprint of the universe.
The Unified Esoteric Tarot propose a new, factual interpretation of our solar system and of our universe as reference point. The traditional, Hellenistic system is geocentric and based on seven planets, while undoubtfully our solar system is heliocentric and there are more planets to consider, including the Earth. While from strictly personal perspective I can accept the idea that someone’s consider that she/he is at the centre of the universe, from the perspective of cold facts and the sacred geometry, we should consider the position and the motion of our Earth as well.
Any system needs renewal, need to be rectified at some point. You may close your eyes or turn your back to reality, that doesn’t make it go away.
It’s also a quite different approach as a method of learning.
While learning generally means to memorize mechanically “facts”, the Unified Esoteric Tarot introduce you some basic formulas and principles which represents the foundation of all the esoteric knowledge and provides you the key to understand these principles. And these fundamental principles are identical for Tarot, the Fourth Way, Astrology, Numerology, Kabbalah and Alchemy while they are originated from the same source. I address these issues unitarily, considering the different branches of the esoteric teaching as one organic body, a unitary Tree of Knowledge. Can’t truly understand one of them without knowing and understanding all of them.
The Tarot deck is a very good example by itself: vast majority of the authors describe and explain the meaning of these cards one by one, but fail to see the Tarot deck as a whole and unitary body, a true and realistic reflection of our solar system at large and as our own self in particular. You can’t really understand the role and the function of Venus without knowing its role and position in the entire system and its relationship with the other celestial bodies.
Venus represents a particular type of vibration which is associated to one number, one colour, one musical note and so on. Everything in the universe is interconnected and everything makes sense as part of the universe, part of the system. Venus by itself means nothing and represents nothing. Understanding all the elements of the system and their place and role is the key to understand the universe and ultimately to understanding ourselves.
The correlated, in-depth study of Tarot, the Fourth Way, Astrology, Numerology, Kabbalah and Alchemy lead me to the conclusion that most of the things we know, or we believe we know, are, at best, inaccurate, incomplete or misinterpreted. When these aspects are disrupted, taken out of context and considered, analysed separately, they make no sense, but studied correlated as part of the same system, these things got consistency and suddenly makes sense.
I discourage memorizing mechanically theories and ‘facts’, mainly based exclusively on “because someone said so” and I dare you to question and verify everything, most of all, think for yourself and with your own brain.
The Tarot is a polyvalent tool. Can be used for entertainment, playing games, for fortune-telling and can be used as an instrument for study of self and study of the universe. Integrating the teachings of Gurdjieff into the Tarot created an efficient and valuable tool for self-development and personal growth. How you want to use all these knowledge, and how you want to use the Tarot deck, it’s entirely up to you!
Our entire existence is defined by the dualistic model in which we’ve been “cultivated” and we are living. Everything is artificially divided between “good” and “evil”, the thinks we like and those we dislike. I consider this system the main source of our mental imprisonment and the main obstacle in front of our development. But it’s not just that the system is false and faulty, but there was also a vicious switch of the polarities.
The Unified Esoteric Tarot is based on the notion of “triplicity” as presented by Gurdjieff in the Law of Three. Subsequently, I advocate the natural necessity of the existence of the third force – or gender – which provides balance and stability to the system, three active, but of different nature energies which all together constitute the foundation of our universe.
Not at least, I consider the positive, creative force to be feminine. The ultimate and most superior act of creation is to giving birth which is the only exclusively feminine attribute in the universe. “Mater semper certa est” – “The mother is always certain”, respectively The Mother is the One.

My system is the result of a 25 years of development, based on research, study and practice. I triple checked every piece of information and every theory I’ve got subsequently and multiple times. Also, for verifying the accuracy of my own system, I performed over 600 free readings only last year.

You are holding in your hand the key to the Age of Aquarius, the age of reason and the age of radical changes.
I’m totally aware that people both consciously and unconsciously, individually and collectively oppose changes because they are afraid of anything new, anything unknow and anything which contradict their previous beliefs. But these changes will occur with or without us, no matter if we agree, we like it or not. Can’t stop the universe to follows its course and it’s our chance as individuals and as species to step up and be part of the progress, be active part of our very own future.
The Unified Esoteric Tarot is my legacy to the future generations and to everybody with open-mind, thirsty to learn and willing to understand.

Anyone interested to find out more, to support and/or to purchase this deck and the book, should ask to join the public Facebook group: Unified Esoteric Tarot.

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