Another look at the Major Arcana

Major Arcana sequence

I always emphasized that there is not one way of looking at things.
Nobody has a monopoly on truth.
Esoteric matters can be complicated, and a complex tool such as the Tarot deck is multi-layered.
Recently I bought two books of the French author Georges Colleuil.
I always had a soft spot for French authors and for their exclusive refinement.
As expected, Mr Colleuil is an advocate of the Tarot of Marseille.
While I believe that virtually any deck of cards can be used for divination, I am also stating that the Tarot of Marseille was created for playing card games.
Mr Colleuil proposed a therapeutic application of the Tarot of Marseille.
His method felt overly sophisticated and built upon a common, but unfortunate misinterpretation of Numerology.
However, just like in many other cases, these books also contains interesting ideas and paths to explore.
One of these relate to the architecture of the Major Arcana.
While most authors and readers divide the cards into pairs, frequently into male/female couples, Mr Colleuil speaks about three layers, respectively, three stages of initiation within the Major Arcana.
The Fool remains the unfit, inadequate, rebellious wild card. It doesn’t fit into any box or category.
Unnumbered or associated with zero, its esoteric number is eleven. Its position within the Major Arcana and the entire deck is uncertain and still subject to debate. My preferred placement of the Fool is the one designated by Etteilla at the end of the deck, where the card connects the Major with the Minor Arcana.
Mr Colleuil emphasises the world ‘initiation’ and its esoteric – secret or hidden – yet, fully practical meaning.
According to Mr Colleuil, the first level of initiation, following (…)

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