I will start by quoting (again) Gurdjieff, one of my teachers.

“This is almost all that can be said in general about the ‘stairway’ and about the ‘way,’ because there are different ways. We have spoken of this before. And, for instance, on the fourth way there are special conditions which cannot be on the other ways. Thus the conditions for ascending the stairway on the fourth way are that a man cannot ascend to a higher step until he places another man upon his own step. The other, in his turn, must Read more Tutoring

Narrowing or widening

The Labyrinth of Knowledge

In the heart of Bucharest is a small warehouse-like bookstore exclusively packed with books printed in English. Although the store is wildly unorganised, the prices are pretty decent, and it is worth spending some time digging for intellectual gold.
I bought all kinds of books, from literature to esoteric matters.
A couple of months ago, I bought a book about David Bowie, “Why Bowie Matters,” written by Will Brooker, an English academic.
I’m not going to Read more Narrowing or widening

In the name of…


There is a significant yet generally overlooked aspect regarding the oldest known Tarot deck, the Visconti Tarot: the Major Arcana cards did not have any captions, and no names nor numbers were featured on them.
It is quite an odd feature if we accept the mainstream theory that these cards were primarily designed for entertainment and playing various card games.
Most scholars Read more In the name of…

The squares of understanding

The squares of Understanding

People often misidentify knowledge for understanding. Some people know many things, but they don’t understand anything.
It was a time when people desperately collected diplomas and certifications, and some still do. It allows them and other people to call them experts or specialists.
Gurdjieff noted: “Knowledge is one thing, understanding is another thing. People often confuse these concepts and do not Read more The squares of understanding

Birth card, Ascendant and the seven-year life cycles

Seven-year life cycles Chart, Birth card and Ascendant

I’ve been working on this critical piece of esoteric teaching for a while now – over 8500 words and information you cannot find elsewhere. Enjoy!
(…) While these seven-year cycles are associated with specific stages of development, in the so-called civilised world, new standards have been developed and implemented. These artificial divisions and models further disconnect humans from the cycles of nature and the universe.
For instance, children are taken out of their families much earlier than they should and spend considerably less time with their parents. At a subconscious level, this can have quite a damaging effect on the further development of the individual.
A Romanian saying speaks about “the seven years from home” as crucial to developing common sense and respectful standards for social interaction, but it also defines good from bad. The lack of these “seven years from home” may damage the individual ability to communicate and integrate into the community.
These stages have their own characteristics. The first stage is Read more Birth card, Ascendant and the seven-year life cycles

Unified Esoteric Tarot III Winter Solstice

Unified Esoteric Tarot, Winter Solstice 2022

Too early for Christmas? The Unified Esoteric Tarot is back with a twist. An updated, revisited, and rectified edition, with a special livery, will be available exclusively till 10th December 2022.
You can pre-order the deck, your name Read more Unified Esoteric Tarot III Winter Solstice