Ethereum and the seven-pointed star

Ethereum Daily charts MAY 22 2023

Many people asked what is the seven-pointed star and what we can do with it.
While I have created this tool, the man who gets the most out of it is Matt. Therefore, I would suggest to follow him on Twitter @insidethecandle and join his exclusive Discord Read more Ethereum and the seven-pointed star


The Tarot Winter

Epictetus said that “wealth consists not in having great possessions, but in having few wants.”
I think most people cannot discern between wants and needs. We want things we don’t need, and we need things we don’t want.
For instance, people want enlightenment but are rarely willing to make the effort to get there. Instant gratification is an illusion generated by consumerism and the New Age type of misinterpretation of ancient teachings.
Some people are Read more Winter

The paradigm shift

I believe that we are witnessing a crucial paradigm shift. Moral dogmas are washed away and artificially replaced by pseudoscientific guidelines. Not sure yet which is worst. Not so long ago, if you stepped out of the laws drawn by the Church, you ended up burnt on the stake. Most recently, both Read more The paradigm shift

Knowledge and understanding

Understanding and knowledge

Understanding and knowledge
Someone sent me a link to an article about Alchemy, the internet is full of them. Platitudes, I would say, stereotypes, inconsistencies and half-wisdoms for housewife whiches and weekend wizards. As with all the other occult and esoteric topics, most of the available materials are rubbish fake commercial products. The commonly accessible materials are ‘exoteric’ knowledge, as opposed to ‘esoteric’ knowledge, which, by definition, is not at the reach of everyone.
Without an understanding of these matters, it is impossible to discern between fake and real knowledge.
On the other hand, as Gurdjieff noted, “Knowledge is one thing; understanding is another thing. (…) People often confuse these concepts and do not clearly grasp what is the difference between them. Knowledge by itself does not give understanding. Nor is understanding increased by an increase of knowledge alone. Understanding depends upon the relation of knowledge to being. Understanding is the resultant of knowledge and being. And knowledge and being must not diverge too far, otherwise, understanding will prove to be far removed from either. At the same time, the relation of knowledge to being does not change with a mere growth of knowledge. It changes only when the being grows simultaneously with knowledge. In other words, understanding grows only with the growth of being.”
First of all, understanding is interior, while knowledge is exterior – similar to the ‘esoteric’ and ‘exoteric’ concepts.
Secondly, understanding is… More at

Join me on an exciting creative-enlightening journey

Two of Cups [work in progress]

Two of Cups [work in progress]
Last December, I was exhausted. I am working for a while now on a Cartomancy manual which will be divided into four large volumes, and it was conceived as a step by step, initiatory process. Although it is roughly based on my three decades on research, study and practical experience, on things I have written and especially on the accompanying book for my first published Tarot deck, the re-writing and re-editing process wear me entirely down. So, last December, I decided to allow my self a small break from work. Those who know me by now knows that ‘break’ in my case means another kind of work, respectively focusing on another project.
Some of you also may notice my interest in so-called dystopian literature, especially Read more Join me on an exciting creative-enlightening journey