Llewellyn’s Classic Tarot deck

The Classic Tarot follows the Rider Waite Smith very closely. Not every detail is reproduced in the same way (such as the pomegranate tree on the veil behind the High Priestess) but anyone familiar with the original Waite deck would have little problem transferring their knowledge to this one. Some cards are a little different to those in the original. Read more Llewellyn’s Classic Tarot deck

Tarot De Napoleon (Napoleonic Tarot)

Tarot De Napoleon

One of two Menegazzi tarots commemorating the life of Napoleon (the other being the ‘Napoleonic Historical Tarot’). The pip cards are unillustrated. Published in 1978 by Il Meneghello, in a limited edition of 1,000 copies for European distribution, and 500 copies for North American distribution. Read more Tarot De Napoleon (Napoleonic Tarot)

Infinity Tarot deck

I originally thought that this deck was going to be a really kitchy deck and something or a novelty that I would have in my collection but never use. Which is why I am enjoying the new way I am conducting reviews. I am forced to spend more time with each deck. I used the Infinity Tarot for Oracle Wednesday this week as well as daily draws with the cards. Read more Infinity Tarot deck

Raven’s Prophecy Tarot

With art and instructions by Maggie Stiefvater—New York Times bestselling author of the Raven Cycle series—The Raven’s Prophecy Tarot reveals the wisdom of dreams, helping you harness the opposing forces of intuition and cunning, Moon and Raven, spirit and intellect. Inspired by Stiefvater’s artist mentors, this deck is a path to a more creative life for everyone. Read more Raven’s Prophecy Tarot

Ring Cycle Tarot deck

The Ring Cycle Tarot, created by Allegra Printz, is a complex, non-traditional tarot based on The Ring of the Nibelung, an opera by Wagner. The 78 cards are adapted from illustrations by Arthur Rackham and are part of a deep system based on the mythology, symbolism, plot, music and characters of the Ring Cycle. Read more Ring Cycle Tarot deck

Tarot of Saqqara

Tarot of Saqqara is a premium Tarot deck developed from fine art paintings of Donald Beaman based on the ancient spiritual knowledge of Egypt.
Five thousand years ago in the sacred sands of the Sahara, on the west bank of the river Nile, the greatest Pharaoh of the Third Dynasty commissioned Imhotep to build the first pyramid of Egypt. It was here at Saqqara during a trip in 1981 that Mr. Beaman became inspired by the great monument which served as the necropolis for the ancient Egyptian capital of Memphis. Read more Tarot of Saqqara

78 Tarot deck – collective art creation

78 artists decided to design and create the 78 cards of the Tarot deck. At first sight this idea might sound a little bit crazy and the outcome quite eclectic, but surprisingly the result it’s outstanding. Kayti and her team simply surpassed themselves! Read more 78 Tarot deck – collective art creation

Ronitarot by Ronit Wolf

Artists often create some fabulous Tarot decks, but most of the time they are lacking the knowledge of the meaning of the cards and don’t have a deeper understanding of the symbols which have not exclusively decorative, but also incorporates practical functions. Ronit Wolf is a highly intuitive and expressive illustrator and he kept the traditional Tarot symbolism withing his modern approach of graphic design when he delivered his own vision of the 22 Trumps of Tarot. Read more Ronitarot by Ronit Wolf

Night Sun Tarot deck

Fabio Listrani’s Night Sun Tarot is one of those decks I couldn’t wait to get my little hands on. I would consider this an esoteric tarot deck. On the Majors, you have the astrological, elemental, and Hebrew letter correspondences in the card corners. In the Minors, you have the elementals and decanates. Read more Night Sun Tarot deck

Demeroticon Tarot deck

Demeroticon Tarot deck

This is a quite powerful and expressive, erotic fueled Tarot deck created by Gustafo Ferreira Kikkel, an art professor from Argentina. He called the project “Dark Idol”. Kikkel used strong shades of red, brown with contrasting black and white, yellow and gold elements, keeping the things simple and efficient. Read more Demeroticon Tarot deck