Michaël Bellon – The Major Arcane of Tarot

Michaël Bellon's Tarot 1 The Magician

This author continues to be fascinated by artistic symbolism. For an artist there are many ways to depart from realism, which is a style, but also from reality, which is a aspect of life. An artist may want to escape from reality, such as in fantasy art, or he may want to transcend reality or discover a deeper reality, which is the domain of symbolism. I chose to include Michaël Bellon’s art in this abstract artists gallery because of the way he combines geometric abstraction with the mystique of symbolism. While geometric abstraction (compare Mondrian, Malevich) seems to be the domain of the cool, analytic mind, with which symbolic mysticism seems to be at variance, but not in the art work of Michaël Bellon. Read more Michaël Bellon – The Major Arcane of Tarot

Baphomet Tarot a.k.a. the H.R. Giger Tarot

Baphomet - H.R. Giger Tarot

The set is Taschen’s reworking of Giger & Akron’s Baphomet Tarot der Unterwelt set from 1994, and I recall this being one of the last things Taschen created with Giger after spending the previous decade producing a run of books, diaries and posters featuring his paintings. Inside a box you find a set of 22 oversize Tarot trumps presenting some of Giger’s works against metallic silver surrounds. Read more Baphomet Tarot a.k.a. the H.R. Giger Tarot

Silver Witchcraft Tarot deck

The Silver Witchcraft Tarot merges tarot with modern pagan symbolism and magickal understanding. Illustrated in deep, atmospheric colour, it has a multicultural cast of robed characters set in glorious nature-based scenes. The 78 borderless cards are enhanced by silver metallic edges, and there’s also a companion book by Barbara Moore. Read more Silver Witchcraft Tarot deck

The Isidore Tarot Deck

The Isidore Tarot Deck (A Neo Victorian Tarot deck): A beautiful & whimsical tarot featuring anthropomorphic characters in surreal Victorian scenes! This is an art collage style tarot that uses whimsical vintage illustrations by J.J. Grandville to recreate the symbolism of the Rider-Waite-Smith tarot deck. Read more The Isidore Tarot Deck

Wheel of Change Tarot deck

The Wheel of Change Tarot has beautifully painted, imaginative and colourful artwork on its 78 cards. It has multi-cultural, multi-ethnic, and modern imagery with an emphasis on nature and the natural world. It uses the Thoth tradition as a jumping-off point for the majors, though the minors are a more original system. Read more Wheel of Change Tarot deck

Tarot of Aquarius Era

The TAROT OF AQUARIUS ERA it’s the creation of Maria Bulgarchuk and it was published in 1998. It is a lovely deck that follows traditional Tarot themes. The cards are bordered in black and are numbered 0 through 77. The name of each card is presented in a banner at the bottom of the image. The names are printed in English, Russian, and French. Read more Tarot of Aquarius Era

Archetypes storytelling cards

Archetypes storytelling cards

I generally do not care to write about non-tarot decks. However, this one intrigued me because it is a variation of the idea used in the Storyteller Tarot. The idea is that cards can be used to create a story from start to finish including everything from character development to plot. This 64 card deck is designed to be useful in many different ways. Read more Archetypes storytelling cards

Madame Endora fortune telling cards

Madame Endora fortune telling cards

Madame Endora’s Fortune Cards blend Egyptian, Celtic and fantasy themes into an original, easy-to-use oracle deck of 48 cards. Most artwork is dimensional and detailed, but for 15 cards which seem a little more rushed. From Monolith Graphics, the publishers of the Gothic Tarot. Read more Madame Endora fortune telling cards

Tarot of the Journey to the Orient

The Tarot of the Journey to the Orient – also known as the Marco Polo Tarot – is based upon the fables told by Marco Polo of his 24 year journey through Asia and the Orient, after his return to Venice. The minors are snapshots of live scenes, whereas the East-meets-West majors are more mythical. Read more Tarot of the Journey to the Orient