July 2024 (report)

Monthly Charts 07 July 2024

This month’s report will be shorter due to some health issues I struggle with.

Long story short, I have had an odd pain in my left shoulder and arm for over a month now, but I have chosen to ignore it. I thought it was a twisted nerve or some muscular damage due to workout exercises.
However, last week, instead of getting better, it got abruptly worse, and now I can’t move my left arm without terrible pain at all. What makes it worse is that I’m left-handed. I can’t raise a pen or a spoon. I can’t write, type and work.
Additionally, all my joints started to hurt.
Possibly, I was exaggerating by working out lately, and my entire body crashed.
I tried to get an appointment with a specialist and got one for yesterday, but it has been cancelled. Get another one for next week. I also suspect arthritis and rheumatism. Yet, I hope I will get to see a doctor and find out what exactly is going on.
Meanwhile, I’m on painkillers and medicating myself the best I can. Once again, my girlfriend is taking good care of me and providing me with medicines that seem to work.
I’m in pain, but I am going to be alright. Probably, I will outlive myself one day.
One last thing: if I’m incoherent, blame it on the pills. (LOL)

Considering these unfortunate circumstances, this month’s report is posted for free.
Enjoy and take care of yourselves! Try not to overthink and overdo things.

July will be mainly under the influence of Sacrifice (Neptune) in Hermit (Pisces), which turns reversed (retrograde) on July 2 and will remain in the last few minutes of the arc of Pisces (Ten of Cups) throughout the entire month.
This conjuncture offers the opportunity to dive into the depths of your subconscious and explore areas of your personality that usually remain untouched.
The main question here is: what makes you happy? What does happiness mean to you, or how happy are you?
Quite often, people buy various things in an attempt to fill holes in their lives. Yet, those things don’t make them happy, and then they will continue to buy more and more things. We have been turned into consumers in a consumerist world. Paradoxically, the more we consume, the less happy we are.
It is a favourable conjuncture to figure out what really matters and what could make you happy.

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