The simplest key to life and trading

UET Zodiac Wheel

Recently several people approached me interested in using esoteric knowledge for trading and market predictions.
I admit I am unfamiliar with stock exchanges, trading practices and the work of W. D. Gann.
However, at a quick glance, the similarity between Gann’s and my approach to Astrology is that both are geometry based.
Unlike other methods and previous attempts, the Unified Esoteric System, embedded into Read more The simplest key to life and trading

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The Tarot Suits and Seasons

Elemental Tree of Life

There is a common misconception regarding the correlation of seasons with the Suits of the Tarot deck.
People believe that Wands represent spring, Cups summer, Swords autumn, and Disks (Pentacles, Coins) winter.
Perhaps, one of the issues is that Read more The Tarot Suits and Seasons

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Sharing and caring

Attila Kárpáthy 2023

I’m researching, studying, editing, and writing esoteric materials, I create Tarot decks, I provide guidance and private reading sessions, and I create and promote all my content by myself.

Unfortunately, the entire internet Read more Sharing and caring

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Spreads and diagrams

Yearly, hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly spreads and diagrams

“Lucrative dreaming” is a thing of mine.
It goes back to my childhood, long before I had any involvement in esoteric matters.
Often when I was stuck in some “unsolvable” issue during the day, I dreamt the solution over the night in my dreams.
Yesterday I worked for almost the whole day on the yearly reading for somebody. That is a sixteen-cards spread, including the three cards spread for the general vibe, a year card and another twelve cards, one for each month. Read more Spreads and diagrams

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New Patreon tiers

Karpathy Patreon New Tiers

I just reconfigured my Patreon tiers into 6 levels of mentoring. More direct, one on one interaction, including regular Tarot reading sessions. You can choose from one monthly reading to daily communication and guidance. Read more New Patreon tiers

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Live YouTube session on 28 January 2023

2023.01.26. TAROT READINGS with Attila Karpathy

Saturday, 28 January, a new live session on YouTube.
Discussions about the Tarot – answering your questions and free readings. Read more Live YouTube session on 28 January 2023

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The Unified Esoteric System and the Magician card

The Magician and the UET

Esoteric is not a matter of public or common knowledge. Most people still don’t comprehend that occult and esoteric means secret, hidden and not accessible to the many. Therefore, what is common knowledge is pseudo-esoteric or false-esoteric.
On the other hand, it is not “my system” because I believe it is the original system, and I only re-discover it, taped into the so-called collective unconscious and have accessed already existing information, connected or re-connected already existing dots.
A brilliant example is the Tarot card called the Magician.
The Unified Esoteric Tarot formula, Read more The Unified Esoteric System and the Magician card

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Live YouTube streaming

2023.01.14. TAROT READINGS with Attila Karpathy

I will perform live streaming and Tarot reading on my English YouTube channel tomorrow, Saturday, the 14th of January.

If you have questions regarding the Unified Esoteric Tarot or want a three-card reading, I’ll be waiting for you on the YouTube stream tomorrow.

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Four of Disks and the AI

Four of Disks and the AI

In the Tarot, the Four of Pentacles is often depicted as a person clutching a pentacle tightly to their chest. The pentacle, a five-pointed star within a circle, is a symbol of the element of Earth and material possessions.
Pentacles are also called Coins or Disks and are the equivalent of the Tiles, Bells and Diamonds from playing cards.
The Four of Pentacles are associated with security, stability, and material wealth. It can indicate Read more Four of Disks and the AI

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Let’s talk about Oracles


Probably there is something wrong with me because I try to find sense and reason in everything, especially in esoteric matters.
And the only sense I find in most of these modern divinatory products is making money.
The major downside is that something extraordinary, out of the ordinary, has been diminished into ordinary.
And I’m not talking about the loss of Magick, which is tragic, but also the lack of reason and coherence.
When everybody is right, ultimately, nobody is right anymore. And instead of Read more Let’s talk about Oracles

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