The simplest key to life and trading

UET Zodiac Wheel

Recently several people approached me interested in using esoteric knowledge for trading and market predictions.
I admit I am unfamiliar with stock exchanges, trading practices and the work of W. D. Gann.
However, at a quick glance, the similarity between Gann’s and my approach to Astrology is that both are geometry based.
Unlike other methods and previous attempts, the Unified Esoteric System, embedded into Read more The simplest key to life and trading

Unified Esoteric Tarot III Winter Solstice

Unified Esoteric Tarot, Winter Solstice 2022

Too early for Christmas? The Unified Esoteric Tarot is back with a twist. An updated, revisited, and rectified edition, with a special livery, will be available exclusively till 10th December 2022.
You can pre-order the deck, your name Read more Unified Esoteric Tarot III Winter Solstice

You are not a number

Unified Esoteric Tarot III Numerology

There is a pattern, a scenario that is defined and one can mechanically follow, and there is free will that enables us to make our own choices. Only on exceptional occasions choice and change is not an option. Although change is the hardest way, yet, is often a possibility.
The biggest obstacle in the way of change is the Read more You are not a number

UET Numerolgy

UET III Numerology

As I said, I’m rewriting and re-editing the Unified Esoteric Tarot handbook. Yesterday I was working on the Numerology section. Enjoy!

“There is a common misconception that Earth, the physical realm, is the lowest level of manifestation, while Fire is the purest and highest. That is incorrect and misguiding. God said, “let there be light” at the beginning of the creation, not at the end of the process. It is the first Read more UET Numerolgy

The extra mile

The Complete Esoteric System

The difference between the ordinary and extraordinary is going that legendary extra mile.
Going the extra mile means that one is willing to make a special effort to achieve something.
It also reveals the difference between what is considered “exoteric”, the mundane life of the material world, and what is vaguely called “esoteric” and signifies the intangible “spiritual” world. One can settle for the obvious and tangible or can go the extra mile to discover the hidden. This world, however, is inaccessible for most people.
It took me twenty-five years of research, study and practical experience to have the outlines of my own esoteric system. It was not my intention to create a new system, but I wanted to understand and rectify the existing one. It was a task of backwards-engineering and rediscovering a lost, forgotten and altered system. In that regard, it is not “my system” but the system as it was originally designed. My only merit is walking that extra mile. My instruments were questioning, verifying, comparing, and take nothing for granted. The idea that “everything we know is wrong” haunted me. I always felt that something was not right, but I could not put my finger exactly on what was that. (…)
My first significant breakthrough was discovering what somewhat ironically I called “the God’s formula,” and which is three by four makes twelve. Identifying what the threes are, respectively, the fours throughout all the branches of the esoteric sciences, became my primordial working method. (…)
I published the core of my findings along with my first Tarot deck, the Unified Esoteric Tarot, in 2018.

Full text is available exclusively at

Bad luck? Formula 1, Vettel and Bottas

Formula One Vettel Bottas

Formula One Vettel Bottas
Hopefully, it will not be considered ‘unsolicited advice’, my intention is to offer a different perspective into aspects most people would overlook or disregard.

I don’t believe in ‘luck’ – not in common-sense anyway.
‘Luck’ is a complex matter of personal choices and circumstances. Most of our choices are mechanical or instinctive, very few are effectively conscious. Circumstances, on the other hand, are the cumulated factors outside of us. Both luck and unluck are somewhat self-made cause from any circumstances, favourable and unfavourable, one should extract the most in its own favour.
Esoteric sciences, such as Astrology, Numerology, Tarot and so on, are at our disposal to Read more Bad luck? Formula 1, Vettel and Bottas

Sacred mathematics

sacred mathematics

sacred mathematics
“An exploration of the arcana of the Tarot requires an understanding of sacred mathematics, which considers Number as a pure link between the World and its manifestation. The ‘World’ understood as Divine Breath initiating everything existing and therefore manifesting the Logos – the Law of Justice and Harmony reflected by Read more Sacred mathematics

About the new Numerology course

ITF Numerology course

ITF Numerology course
Astrology and Numerology are not alternatives, but complementary methods of knowledge. These two branches of the esoteric science are deeply interconnected. St. Augustine of Hippo noted that “numbers are the Universal language offered by the deity to humans as confirmation of the truth.”
Mathematics is considered the language of God(s) and therefore, the language of creation. According to the Jewish mystical tradition Read more About the new Numerology course