Tarot spreads

There are 3 types of Tarot spread: exoteric, esoteric and ambivalent.
Most people are only interested in the exoteric type of questions, questions related to our ordinary life.

3 cards simple spread (3 cards)
Game of choices (7 cards)
Celtic Cross (10 cards)
Relationship Circle (7 cards)
Pathfinder (7 cards)
Annual Tarot spread (16 cards)
5 Elements or the Sunrise spread (5 cards)
The Mirror – Relationship analysis (15 cards)
Another simple 3 card Tarot spread (3 cards)
The Unified Esoteric Tarot spread (12 cards)
The Romany or Gypsy spread (21 cards)
The World Tree spread (7 cards)
The inverted pyramid (78, 55, 53 or 12 cards)

Annual Tarot spread with 16 cards

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