The World Tree spread

The World Tree spread Attila Blaga

The World Tree spread Attila Blaga

Inspired by an old spread used with runes, the World Tree spread represents the foundation of all the esoteric teachings.
This formula is expressed in different forms in all the esoteric teachings including Astrology, Numerology, Kabbalah, Alchemy, the Fourth Way; and it is also incorporated in the underlying architecture of the Tarot deck.
For instance, in Astrology, we have the so-called 3 Qualities and 4 Elements.
According to the Law of Three, the 3 Qualities represent the three types of energies coexisting and interacting in the universe, while the 4 Elements represents, symbolically, the four types of materials existing in the universe. Seven is a very important number and throughout the esoteric teachings are many references to 3 and 4, and to the combination resulting from 3 and 4, which are 7 and 12.

Cards 1, 2 and 3 represents the energies – which on the Tree of Life are represented by the three pillars.
The first card is the Active and represents the present; the second is the Reactive (generally called Passive) and represents the past, and the third is the Neuter and represents the future.

Why is the future predictable?
Because the present is the result of our past desires, feelings, thoughts and actions – or non-actions; while the future will be the result of our current desires, feelings, thoughts and actions – or non-actions.
Cards 4, 5, 6 and 7 correspond to the four worlds of the Tree of Life.
4 represents our desires – pale red coloured cards, 5 represents our emotions – pale blue coloured card, 6 represents our thoughts – pale yellow coloured cards, and 7 represents the materialisation of the process, respectively the outcome – the pale green coloured cards.

The Unified Esoteric Tarot deck is fundamentally built upon these principles, with the design that makes it easy and intuitive for readings.
The primary colour of each card represents one of the Elements, and the three energies are also represented by three different, intense coloured objects/symbols placed on each card. Red for Active, blue for Reactive and green for Neuter.
Each card features keywords for both, upright and reversed meaning, which also makes the reading at a glance much easier.
Notwithstanding, someone can use any other deck she or he prefers and use the traditional interpretation of the cards.

Example reading.
Question: What do I need to know about the project I am working on?

Intuitive, quick reading – recommended for quick readings in public for instance in a coffee shop or at a festival.
Build your storyline by reading the ‘headlines’: Originality – Opportunities – Freedom of Thoughts. An original idea would lead to an opportunity and would meet the support of your friends and family.
Authority – Enslavement – Self-Destruction – Dissipation. Don’t try to get around laws or people, don’t push it, don’t cut corners. Put all your emotions aside because you need a clear head and do everything by the book. Focus on the main goal and don’t get caught up too much in details, take a step by step approach and solve the issues one by one as they emerge.

An in-depth analysis.

Start with the nature of the cards.
Regarding the energies, the three Cardinal cards may be a clue that you are a little bit insecure, and you prefer to react, instead of to act. There are also two Mutable cards which also underlines a sense of hesitation and uncertainty. You need more self-confidence and to trust your original instinct, trust your inspiration and the value of your ideas.
Regarding the colour of the cards, the spread is well balanced. The first card represents an original idea; the rest is divided equally between the Elements. This is generally a good sign.
There are also three Numerals and four superior cards, which is another good sign. The problem seems to be at an emotional level – the blue cards – because there is a contradiction. On the one hand, you have the opportunity, the Ace which is an opportunity coming from outside; on the other you have the Death card reversed which represent self-doubt and by that can lead to self-obstruction. So, it is an obvious opportunity upfront, but it is totally up to the inquirer if will take advantage of it, or let the doubts to obstruct the path to success.
Six straight cards versus two reversals it is also a very positive proportion. Still, you have to be careful regarding that final card, ‘Dissipation’ (Six of Disks reversed), since it may jeopardise the entire effort.

  1. Current situation: Three of Swords – Originality. The project is based on an original idea. However, like any new and original idea, it will be difficult to convince others to come to your side and support or follow you.
  2. Past – the root, the origin of the current situation: Ace of Cups. Generally, the Aces represents opportunities. The Ace of Cup represents the Summer Solstice, respectively the summertime. It is a very emotional card, and it means that the Querant is very emotionally attached.
  3. Future, the first clue regarding the outcome according to the current imputes Page of Wands – Freedom of Thoughts. It may work if the Querant manages to communicate with her/his audience, with the people who might be interested in her/his product. Communication means not only monologues but dialogues; exchanging information; learn to listen.

  4. First instinct: Seven of Wands – Authority. Avoid conflicts. The inquirer needs to learn to keep his first impulses under control and do not react, do not respond to possible attacks and provocations.

  5. Emotions: The Devil – Enslavement. The inquirer is ‘slave’ of his own emotions and emotions are clouding her/his mind, make difficult to see the facts and make the right rational choices. Following our heart is not always the best choice.
  6. Thoughts: The Death reversed – Self-Destruction. The man’s biggest enemy is her/his own self. Our negative thoughts generate negative responses. What we send out, it comes back down to us. Simple like that!
  7. Facts: Six of Disks reversed – Dissipation. It is the classic case of trying to grab more than you can take. Try to do too many things simultaneously, and by yourself and at the end, you will come up short. The inquirer has to be well organised, focused, need a good business plan and need to stick to that plan rigorously. It all comes down to management, respectively to administrative duties and how the entire project is organised and hold together.

3 cards reading: $29
5 cards reading: $49
7 cards reading: $59
10-12 cards reading: $72
15-16 cards reading: $99
21 cards reading $135.00
55 cards reading: $320
78 cards reading: $390

Before ordering 55 or 78 cards reading, please contact me to discuss details and options. Thank you!

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