June report

Summer Solstice 2023

June is all about the Summer Solstice, and the Tarot card associated with it is the Ace of Cups.
The Ace of Cups signifies hopes, while reversed, it represents fears.
Combined with the energy of the Nine of Swords, it will mainly Read more June report

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Live on YouTube on Sunday

UET Zodiac Wheel

Hello, my friends!
Next Sunday, June 11, I will be live on YouTube, invited by Mystic Rose Tarot to discuss Tarot on her channel.


The times are: 11 AM PDT/ 2 PM EDT/ 6 PM GMT/ 8 PM CEST

I am looking forward to it!

#attilakarpathy #tarot #live #youtube

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A new chart design, Ethereum, June 4 2023

Ethereum 4 June 2023 new chart design

Last week my main focus was to redesign the Seven-pointed Star charts.

The original charts featured a graphical representation of the concept: the Star of Babylon, the Heptagram (a seven-pointed star), incorporated into my Zodiac-based Tarot Wheel.
I used Read more A new chart design, Ethereum, June 4 2023

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The charts of the Seven-pointed Star

NYSE June 07 2023

Many people asked me about how these charts are made or how they should read them.
I can only repeat what I have previously stated repeatedly. It is not one thing but many and how they interplay.
The foundation of these charts is Astrology.
I build upon the astrological chart of Read more The charts of the Seven-pointed Star

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Ethereum and the seven-pointed star

Ethereum Daily charts MAY 22 2023

Many people asked what is the seven-pointed star and what we can do with it.
While I have created this tool, the man who gets the most out of it is Matt. Therefore, I would suggest to follow him on Twitter @insidethecandle and join his exclusive Discord Read more Ethereum and the seven-pointed star

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Ethereum, an esoteric exploration, part one

Ethereum Natal Chart

For those like me, unfamiliar with crypto, cryptocurrency is a form of digital money powered by cryptography.
It all started in 2008 with Bitcoin. You could use it to Read more Ethereum, an esoteric exploration, part one

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May 2023 Report

May 2023

On May 1, Pluto turns retrograde, a phase which lasts until October 11. It moves back into Capricorn in June and will not re-enter Aquarius until January 2024.
The Tarot card associated with Pluto is the Tower. A card of dramatic changes and reshufflings originated from the outside of us. Unexpected changes, losses, and unfortunate Read more May 2023 Report

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360 degrees Astrology and the Ten Sefirot

Jacobs ladder

I have several books dealing with 360 degrees Astrology.
Some of these, like Charubel or Antonio Borelli (or Bonelli), were published in the 1800s, others, like Lind Weber, are pretty recent, a work published in 2017. Many of these books may have older roots and known or unknown sources.
While these works are Read more 360 degrees Astrology and the Ten Sefirot

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About happiness

Devil - the happiness

We all want to be happy.
According to the dictionary definition, happiness is a state of well-being and contentment: joy. Feeling or showing pleasure or contentment. It is a pleasurable or satisfying experience, felicity, good fortune, wealth or prosperity.
Happiness is a Read more About happiness

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Another look at the Major Arcana

Major Arcana sequence

I always emphasized that there is not one way of looking at things.
Nobody has a monopoly on truth.
Esoteric matters can be complicated, and a complex tool such as Read more Another look at the Major Arcana

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