August report

Monthly Chart August 2023

Before beginning to speak about August, I would like to return to July and talk about trading and retrograde Pluto in Capricorn.
In the past six months, many of my new Patreon supporters have been traders or people interested in mixing trading with esoteric matters.
Some of them complained that they had suffered losses in July, and I am truly sorry about that.
Once again, I’m not involved in trading, and my market knowledge is, at best, pretty limited.
I designed the Wheel charts to assist with working alongside individuals. Recently, I have made adjustments to utilize them for trading purposes. These charts are available in yearly, monthly, and daily formats. And these formats are interconnected, and it is like a zooming-in process. On the yearly chart, you may notice some interesting moments in particular months, while on the monthly charts, you may identify specific days, and in the daily charts, these moments come down to hours and minutes.
However, I recommended cautiousness and patience. Observe these phenomena, and compare the charts with past and present market events.
I would recommend virtual trading for at least one year. Instead of losing real money, operate only on paper for a fixed time, see how it works, which decisions and investments or moves worked out and which didn’t, and learn from your own success and mistakes.
Trading and occultism seem quite similar. They both require patience, training Read more August report

C. C. Zain and the Brotherhood of Light

Many people asked my opinion about C. C. Zain and the Brotherhood of Light, respectively, the system C. C. Zain created and promoted.
First and foremost, nobody holds a monopoly on truth. And by nobody, I mean everybody. Not Claudius Ptolemy, not Heinrich Cornelius Agrippa, not John Dee, not Éliphas Lévi, not the illustrious heads of the Golden Dawn, nor Aleister Crowley, not George Ivanovich Gurdjieff, not Frédéric Lionel, not C. C. Zain, and not me for that matter.
Truth has been shredded and dispersed. We only pick up the pieces and try to put them back together according to the best of our knowledge and understanding. Some of us with more talent and success than others.
I sustain critical thinking, and I believe Read more C. C. Zain and the Brotherhood of Light

The Devil we don’t know

The Devil we don't know

“Better the devil you know than the devil you don’t,” meaning that, when forced to decide, it’s better to choose a difficult or undesirable option that one is used to or familiar with rather than an unknown person or thing.
The devil you know is something or someone bad, unpleasant or uncomfortable that you are familiar with and have accommodated yourself to or can cope with.
The devil we don’t know represents our unconscious fear of the unknown and anything that is new – unfamiliar.

There are several Tarot cards that most readers Read more The Devil we don’t know

Unified Esoteric Tarot and the decan attributions

Unified Esoteric Tarot and the decan attributions

Since its first coming into being, the Unified Esoteric Tarot has constantly evolved.
The most significant change was the astrological reattribution of the thirty-six Numerals.
Long story short, the first decan Read more Unified Esoteric Tarot and the decan attributions

The squares of understanding

The squares of Understanding

People often misidentify knowledge for understanding. Some people know many things, but they don’t understand anything.
It was a time when people desperately collected diplomas and certifications, and some still do. It allows them and other people to call them experts or specialists.
Gurdjieff noted: “Knowledge is one thing, understanding is another thing. People often confuse these concepts and do not Read more The squares of understanding

A new chart design, Ethereum, June 4 2023

Ethereum 4 June 2023 new chart design

Last week my main focus was to redesign the Seven-pointed Star charts.

The original charts featured a graphical representation of the concept: the Star of Babylon, the Heptagram (a seven-pointed star), incorporated into my Zodiac-based Tarot Wheel.
I used Read more A new chart design, Ethereum, June 4 2023