The plagues that threaten our way of thinking

According to the dictionaries, reset means setting, adjusting, or fixing in a new or different way. In my opinion, the “reset” is not a one-time procedure, but it is happing planned and gradually for thousand years. However, the evidence of the previous resets was smoothly removed made it impossible to trace. What individuals such as Klaus Schwab today call “the great reset” is only part of a much larger plan and another phase of the same programme. It is impossible to understand the plan because we only see its fragments, apparently unrelated events, and we lack perspective.
The thing I noticed is that often Read more The plagues that threaten our way of thinking

KS Ace of Swords

Karpathy-Smith Tarot Ace of Swords

Each Ace contains the seed of a future opportunity. The Ace of Swords represents a brilliant idea which with proper care, will grow and flourish. The Ace of Wands is Read more KS Ace of Swords

KS Seven of Swords

Karpathy-Smith Tarot Seven of Swords

Traditionally, the Seven of Swords is associated with theft, sneakiness, cunning and dishonesty. It can be interpreted as a situation in which one should find Read more KS Seven of Swords