The plagues that threaten our way of thinking

According to the dictionaries, reset means setting, adjusting, or fixing in a new or different way. In my opinion, the “reset” is not a one-time procedure, but it is happing planned and gradually for thousand years. However, the evidence of the previous resets was smoothly removed made it impossible to trace. What individuals such as Klaus Schwab today call “the great reset” is only part of a much larger plan and another phase of the same programme. It is impossible to understand the plan because we only see its fragments, apparently unrelated events, and we lack perspective.
The thing I noticed is that often the reset means an inversion. Patriarchy replaced Matriarchy. Meanwhile, in the background, almost every trace of and every reference to Matriarchy was systematically erased. Monotheism replaced Polytheism and pluralism with dualism. Both Monotheism and dualism have shaped and altered our existence.
Several occult texts are containing direct or veiled references to the currently fancy pseudo-progressive ideas. However, the one I found the most relevant is “The Kybalion”, a pseudo-hermetic tract authored by “Three Initiates” and originally published in 1908. The whole work is centred around the notion of dualism, respectively male and female, and the possible interchangeability of these two energies.
According to the Kybalion, “Everything is dual; everything has poles; everything has its pair of opposites; like and unlike are the same; opposites are identical in nature, but different in degree; extremes meet; all truths are but half-truths; all paradoxes may be reconciled.”
I believe that is something wickedly dangerous about this modern relativeness. Black is black, white is white, but nowadays, everything is turned into grey while occasionally we are told that black is also white, eventually. The “new normal” is yesterday’s abnormal. There are hidden forces keen to create confusion and uncertainty.
The bottom line of relativeness is when everybody is right, nobody’s right. Although truth can be subjective and relative, the universe is built upon several laws and certitudes. However, our “brave new world” is constructed on the formula: two plus two equals five. And when every is possible, nothing is true.
One cannot contend with deceit as long they are not prepared and educated to discern between what is true and false. Somebody recently told me that these new generations do not have to learn and accumulate knowledge in schools because it is virtually enough to learn how to find information on the internet – as, allegedly, everything we have to know is out there. However, the answers one may find on popular search engines such as Google can be overwhelmingly inaccurate or false, and without consistent baggage of knowledge, one can be utterly lost.
Another threat is the forced process of equalising in the name of inclusiveness and diversity. The odd thing about the current ideology of diversity and inclusiveness is that it is violently exclusive. It is confusion cultivated on purpose cause the key to progress is diversity, dialogue and disagreements. Therefore, it is unnatural to be against diversity, but conflictingly, the new sense given to diversity is uniformity and consense.
Second opinions and other points of view are not allowed. Accept whatever it is and do not ask questions. If you do not think like us, you must be silenced. If you are not like us, you are against us. Where there are only one voice and one way, it leads to a dead end. Instead of fighting each other, we should listen to each other and collaborate.
The seeds of this tyrannic totalitarian way of seeing things were planted in the old Testament: “I am the first, and I am the last; apart from me there is no God.” (Isaiah 44:6) Today, however, it also has a strong atheist flavour. We are tearing down the old statues in order to raise our own. We are witnessing a ruthless assault on the so-called traditional values such as family and beliefs. While I always considered that organised religion is an instrument of manipulating and controlling the masses, some of its teachings have transcended universal value. For instance, although genuine Christian notions have been hijacked, altered, and dogmatised by the Church, that doesn’t change the original content’s value. When one attempts to replace these values, the only thing that matters is the quality of the things they want to put instead. Are we making a change for better or worst? History seems to tell us that we made only changes to the worst. It happens not by accident but as it has been planned.
It is not my responsibility to decide what is “good” and “evil” – it is a decision each person have to make it to themselves. However, one can only make these decisions based on accurate information and continuously educate themselves – question everything.
One may wonder how all these are relevant from an esoteric perspective? If somebody can work objectively with the visible world, how can they deal with the subtle reality?
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