The Tower


A more proper name for the Tower would be Reset.
However, reset only makes sense if we start building something new after demolition. Building the same thing with the same bricks doesn’t make sense, and the outcome will be another disaster. It’s like doing the same thing and expecting a different result.
The Tower is also an alarm clock. It says: “You are running on the wrong track. It is time to wake up and change direction!”
The Tower is not self-chosen but imposed. It’s nature’s way to make a correction of our trajectory.
It is a painful experience; nobody wants to wake up or face reality. Dreams are sweet and cosy. Therefore, we refuse to awaken. When it eventually happens, and usually does, we experience it as a painful event and call it a nightmare. For many of us, the reality is repulsive and unacceptable.
Yet, the Tower is an immense opportunity, our chance to start all over, to do something new.

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