Annual Tarot spread with 16 cards

Annual Tarot spread with 16 cards

What about a 16 cards spread? This is an excellent spread if you’re interested in the evolution of your life or a specific problem, situation in the following 12 months. This spread it’s recommended for looking into the development of a problem throughout a whole year. Just keep in mind that the new year begins at the March equinox (or Northward equinox, vernal equinox – in the northern hemisphere), which can be as early as March 19 or as late as March 21. You also can look into a new year of your own life calculated from your date of birth, as well as you can pick any other event as starting point (date of starting a new job, a new business, a new relationship, etc).
It’s actually a 16 plus one card spread. First, we have to take out from the deck the Tarot card which represents the querent. It’s one of the 36 numbered cards and if you can find out which card it is HERE. This is card zero (0). In our graphic of the spread, it’s the card Six of Cups which represent the 2nd decan of Scorpio, respectively the time period from 3 November to 12 November.
This 16 cards spread easily can be converted into a 28, 40 or even to 52 cards spread by adding 1, 2, respectively 3 more cards to each card from 4th to 15th.
Shuffle and cut the cards three times then pick sixteen cards. Place them as it showed with face down except card zero. Turn them over one by one in order to read and interpret.


card 0 – The querent (or significator).

1st card – Current major influences, present situation.
2nd card – Influences fro the past, the root of the present situation.
3th card – Uprising influences, dominant trends of evolution over the year.

4th card – March – April. (Or January for a new calendar year, or the month you have been born, or any month you want to start from)
5th card – April – May. (February, etc)
6th card – May – June. (March, etc)
7th card – June – July. (April, etc)
8th card – July – August. (May, etc)
9th card – August – September. (June, etc)
10th card – September – October. (July, etc)
11th card – October – November. (August, etc)
12th card – November – December. (September, etc)
13th card – December – January. (October, etc)
14th card – January – February. (November, etc)
15th card – February – March. (December, etc)

16th card – Overall characteristic of the year.

3 cards reading: $29
5 cards reading: $49
7 cards reading: $59
10-12 cards reading: $72
15-16 cards reading: $99
21 cards reading $135.00
55 cards reading: $320
78 cards reading: $390

Before ordering 55 or 78 cards reading, please contact me to discuss details and options. Thank you!

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Annual Tarot spread with 16 cards

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