3 cards simple Tarot spread

This is one of the spreads I recommend for everyday use, but also for beginners to learn how to interpret the cards individually and generally in a reading.
I recommend it for a reading in the morning (at the Sun rise most preferably) with the question: “How my day is going to be?”
It’s also an excellent choice for simple questions like “What do I need to know to decide on …”; “How can I resolve …”; “What do I need to understand about …” etc

Shuffle and cut the cards three times then pick three cards.

1st card represent the present, but also the material aspects.
2nd card represent the past, but also the emotional aspects.
3rd card represent the future, but also the spiritual (mental) aspects.

Tarot Spread Three Cards Reading

Example (demo interpretation).
The question: “How can I advance with my project?”

1st card – Three of Swords reversed.
2nd card – Ace of Cups.
3rd card – Six of Swords.

You are disappointed and confused at the moment, and feel a little bit betrayed, left on your own (Three of Swords reversed). You have a lot of unanswered questions, you worry too much and nothing really make sense right now. Feel isolated and can not make a clear decision. 3 of Swords is a Reactive/Mental card which means you’re reacting (responding) to something produced from outside. It’s not your choice, you were put in this situation. The Mental part means that it’s something you’re thinking about, it’s not real or it’s only going to happen.
Its seems you was too emotional (Ace of Cups) when you would be rational. You’re approach was from your heart instead from your mind. Probably you was excessively optimistic and did not calculated all the aspects involved.
It’s not too late to reconsider everything, make a clear evaluation of the situation and your options. You have to leave your emotions aside and dare to exit your comfort zone stepping into the unknown (Six of Swords). You need a new direction, a rational (Swords) solution and you have to find the balance between your heart an mind.
You have the know how – represented by the bag in the boat -, only have to overcome your emotions (fears?) which are represented by the water beneath you. The opportunity it’s right in front of you, only your emotions might hold you back. The Six of Swords represent the opportunity of a new beginning, to start all over, reveals a new direction and although you’re afraid of the unknown, you should take the chance!
Six of Swords is a Reconciling/Mental card. Reconciling means you are looking for a solution, having two Mental cards in a three card spreed means that you can still change things before they actually happen and turn them your way.

Tarot spread, 3 cards 1

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