Celtic Cross Tarot spread

The Celtic Cross it’s probably the most frequently used Tarot spread. It has become a classic, still I saw several different interpretation methods. This is a ten cards spread, good for answering a specific question or giving a general reading in-depth.
Shuffle and cut the cards three times then pick ten cards.

1st card – Present situation, what this is about. What influences currently surround the querent?
2nd card – What are the obstacles currently blocking the querent?
3rd card – What does the querent wish to achieve? What is known.
4th card – Unknown influences, something the querent don’t know. What is hidden.
5th card – The root of the problem. The recent past which formed the foundation for the current situation.
6th card – What is before the querent? The near future.
7th card – The querent’s attitude or position on the matter.
8th card – How others see the querent.
9th cartd – The querent’s hopes or fears.
10th card – The outcome, distant future.

Celtic Cross Tarot spread

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