The Mirror – Relationship analysis Tarot spread

Question regarding the relationship and most of the time, about how our partner feel or how committed he/she is are the most frequent ones when it comes to read the cards. Although the Tarot it’s not a spying tool, but rather a self improvement instrument, The Mirror spread it’s one of the exceptions, it’s a spread which reveals also a little bit from “the dark side”, the other side of your relationship, what’s his/hers position – as you can perceive it based on your own feelings and thoughts and his/her signals.
Just bear in mind that it’s still our reading and not his/hers and sometimes our perception will influence the outcome. For example, if you’re highly emotional (suspicious, jealous, sad, desperate, etc), your emotional state will effect the outcome and eventually will “confirm” your suspicions.
This is a radiography of your relationship based on your own feelings, knowledge and perception and how these are transmitted to your partner and into the relationship. If you really want to know how your partner think or feel about you and your relationship, you should ask him/her. The Tarot cards sometimes reveals things we know – or feel -, but we refuse to accept and we keep buried inside. This spread will help you clarify your own thoughts and feelings and will help you to formulate the right questions to yourself and your partner.

Shuffle and cut the cards three times then pick fifteen cards. Place them as it shown with face down. Turn them over one by one in order to read and interpret.

1st card – The querent and his/her input. His/Her contribution to the relationship.
2nd card – The querent’s partner and his/her input. His/Her contribution to the relationship.
3rd card – What the querent receive/gain from the relationship.
4th card – What the querent’s partner receive/gain from the relationship.
5th card – The querant secrets or fears regarding or involving the relationship.
6th card – Things they share in this relationship, the common ground.
7th card – What’s the querent’s current perception of his/her partner.
8th card – What’s the querent’s partner current perception of his/her partner.
9th card – What attracted the querent originally into the relationship.
10th card – What attracted the querent’s partner originally into the relationship.
11th card – What the querent expectations from this relationship.
12th card – What the querent’s partner expectations from this relationship.
13th card – Inputs on the querent’s side which influence the relationships.
14th card – Inputs on the querent’s partner side which influence the relationships.
15th card – The outcome, the future of this relationship, where this relationship heading, what to expect in the future.

The Miror, Relationship analysis 15 card spread

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