Relationship Circle – 7 cards Tarot spread

Relationship Circle - 7 card Tarot spread

Love is one of the most profound and powerful emotions known to human beings. Most people seek a long term romantic relationship with a compatible partner. For those, romantic relationships are the most meaningful element in their lives, providing a source of deep fulfilment. The ability to have a lasting relationship is not innate. We have to learn to love ourselves, to love each other and ultimately to make some healthy compromises.
We have to work consciously on ourselves and each other to make a relationship work, flourish and last. Failed relationships happen for many reasons, and the failure of a relationship generally leads to depression. But we can learn from our own mistakes to improve future relationships and make them work. The Tarot cards show quite accurate radiography of the present, past and future of our relationship and provide helpful information about what we can do, what we did wrong and how we can make it right, how the relationship will evolve according to our actions and incoming influences.
This is a 7 card Tarot spread that answers the most frequently asked question: this love will lasting and where our relationship it’s heading?

Shuffle and cut the cards three times then pick seven cards. Place them as it showed face down. Turn them over one by one in order to read and interpret.

1st card – The current situation.
2nd card – The root card: major influence from the past, the cause of the current situation which shadows the future.
3rd card – Influences standing in the way of the relationship.
4th card – Influences acting in favour of the relationship.
5th card – What the querent doesn’t know, but he/she should be aware of regarding this relation.
6th card – What can the querent do to help this relationship.
7th card – The outcome, future prediction.

3 cards reading: $29
5 cards reading: $49
7 cards reading: $59
10-12 cards reading: $72
15-16 cards reading: $99
21 cards reading $135.00
55 cards reading: $320
78 cards reading: $390

Before ordering 55 or 78 cards reading, please contact me to discuss details and options. Thank you!

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Relationship Circle - 7 card Tarot spread

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