Another simple 3 card Tarot spread

TAROT Simple 3 cards reading

This is another 3 cards Tarot spread for simple, short term questions. Works perfectly for questions such as:
– What do I need to know to decide on… (my next step, the new job proposal, my relationship, etc.)?
– What do I need to understand about… (the situation I’m in, the problem I have, etc)?
– What do I need to know about… ?
Need to be specific.
Please read my guide of How to ask a Tarot question.
I recommend this spread for my promotional FREE 3 CARD TAROT READINGS.

1st card: This is it. The current situation. You or your question, the problem, or the approach of the problem.
2nd card: The crossing card indicates the influences you will encounter. Things you have to deal with.
3rd card: The outcome – the result.

3 cards reading: $29
5 cards reading: $49
7 cards reading: $59
10-12 cards reading: $72
15-16 cards reading: $99
21 cards reading $135.00
55 cards reading: $320
78 cards reading: $390

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TAROT Simple 3 cards reading

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