How to ask a Tarot question

How to Ask a Tarot question

“A wise man’s question contains half the answer.” These words of wisdom are attributed to Solomon Ibn Gabirol ben Judah, an 11th-century Andalusian poet and Jewish philosopher, and he nailed the “question of the right question”.

Generally, people are expecting to hear from a Tarot reader precisely what they have in their minds. For instance, if a wife suspects that her husband is cheating on her, she expects to hear that from the Tarot reader. Any other answer – interpretation – would mean that the Tarot reader is wrong.
Unfortunately, precisely this kind of human weaknesses is exploited by the frauds.
One of the essential things about the Tarot is formulating the right question to receive the possible most helpful answer. Tarot sometimes tells us what we need to know rather than what we want to know. So choose your question wisely to get the most beneficial answer it is possible.
I prefer to ask questions such as “What can I do to enhance my chances of….” rather than ask “What my chances are….”
The Tarot questions are best framed with the words “how and what”, which keeps your options open, rather than questions that have yes/no answers. Once you have decided what you want to know in general, break it down into the specific thing you want to know exactly.
Most of the time, you will want to consult the Tarot because you face a problem or challenge. For example, something about your life is troubling you, and you want to understand why it is happening and what you can do about it.
First of all, avoid doing or asking for a Tarot reading when you are highly emotional. When someone is upset, sad, nervous, desperate, or scared of something, they need to calm down first, and the best thing to do is postpone the Tarot reading for another time.
Before formulating your question, review your situation thoroughly. Keep your options open. You want to look at your problem without judging or censoring any part, and you do not want to miss out on any possibility – favourable or not.
Accept responsibility.
It is nobody’s fault, but yours if things do not work out your way. Just like it is your merit if things are working out exactly as you expected. Remember that it is in your power to make decisions and make the right moves, but nobody else can do them for you and instead of you. The Tarot will show you the possibilities, but it is up to you and only you. You cannot pass the responsibilities to anybody else. Tarot cannot and won’t make our decisions for us.
Also, keep in mind, Tarot is all about you. If you want to ask a question about someone else’s feelings or intentions, go ahead and ask them directly, but keep the Tarot cards out of it. Instead of asking why somebody loves you, better ask yourself if you love that person and why.
– Write down your question. If you have trouble narrowing the focus of your question, try to put it in writing. Writing down the question will help to phrase the question correctly.
– Focus on a single issue, only one question/problem at a time.
– Don’t ask one thing and aspect an answer for another thing that really bothers you, but you are not comfortable discussing it openly. Formulate your question directly and simply as possible, be specific. Find the best level of detail; avoid being too vague or too detailed. Don’t assume that the cards – or the Tarot reader – will intuit your intention and your actual question, and guess what you mean. Tarot is not a guessing game.
– Focus on yourself. Tarot is all about you and your problems.
– Avoid questions to be answered “Yes” or “No.” An example: “Will I get the job I am hoping for?” Try to avoid this type of questions which can be difficult to answer with Tarot cards. Instead, go for more open-ended inquiries, like “what can I do to get that job?”, “what can I do to improve myself and get the job I want?” or “what I can do to improve my relationship?”

– You need to stay as neutral as possible when thinking about your questions. It is easy to begin a reading convinced that your position is the right one, but if you genuinely want to receive guidance, you need to be open to other viewpoints.
– Keep your options open: do not include the solution you prefer in the question.
Instead of asking, “How might I convince my boss to give me the promotion?”, better ask, “What can I do to improve at my job (workplace)?”
– Be positive when writing your questions. Instead of asking, “How come I can never get the jobs I want?”, better ask, “What can I do to get those jobs?” or “How I can improve to get those jobs?”
– Avoid questions beginning with “Should…” and better rephrase with “what can I do to…”. For example, instead of “Should I apply to more than one job?”, ask, “What my chances are by applying to more than one job?” You need to take responsibility and accountability for your own life and your own decisions. It is better to ask the Tarot, “What can I expect if I do this or that?”
When possible, include a time frame for the response, such as a week, a month, three months, six months, or twelve months. For example: “where is my career heading in the following twelve months?” or “what can I expect from my relationship in the following six months?”
– On the other hand, avoid questions asking only about time. A question such as “How long will it take to find a new job?” will never get a clear answer. Nor “When will I get my promotion?” or “When will John ask me to marry him?”

Recommended questions:

– How I can improve my relationship with…. (my partner, my boss, my colleagues, my neighbours, and so on.)?
– How I can move my….(career, relationship, and so on.) forward?
– How I can improve my abilities to… .(communicate with, interact with, connect with, work with, collaborate with, and so on.)?
– What can I do to get along better with (my partner, my boss, and so on.)?
– What do I most need to know about….(my career, my relationship, my love life, the trip coming up, the vacation I will go, the next three months of my life, and so on.)?
– What do I need to know to decide on… .(my next step, the new job proposal, my relationship, and so on.)?
– What do I need to understand about… .(the situation I am in, the problem I have, and so on.)?
– What do I need to know about… .?

How to Ask a Tarot question

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