Twelve card relationship spread

12 cards relationship spread

When it comes to Tarot readings, the vast majority of the questions refer to relationship issues.
We should keep in mind that the Tarot is not an occult spying tool, and scanning our partners’ feelings, thoughts, desires, fears, hopes, or intentions is impossible. Therefore, if issues emerge in a relationship, the best way to handle them is to work together with our partner – and not going behind their back. My advice would be to sit down face-to-face and honestly discuss those issues as normal, responsible adults do.
However, suppose you consider that extra help is required, among other professional support options, you may address the cards. In that case, a Tarot reading will work the best only if both partners agree and are involved in the process. When only one side is involved, the major risk is that the cards will reflect that person’s own perception about their partner’s feelings, thoughts, needs, or intention. That image quite often is distorted by our own fears and hopes.

All that being said, here is a twelve card spread for relationship analysing.

The first three cards represent an overlook of the relationship.

1st card – the current state of the relationship.
2nd card – the past, the root of the current situation.
3rd card – how the relationship will evolve according to the current inputs.

Card 4th represents ourselves, card 5th our partner.

The 6th, 8th and 10th card shows our side of the story, while cards 7th, 9th and 11th our partner’s.
Card 6th and 7th indicate what each partner brings to the relationship.
Card 8th and 9th show what each partner expect from the relationship.
Card 10th and 11th suggest what each partner can do to improve the relationship.

Card twelve reveals one key aspect regarding the future of your relationship you should consider.

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