Breaking the patterns

Breaking the patterns

William G. Gray said that “We live in patterns because we have to. They are inescapable. The Cosmos is a pattern. So are we. There are patterns of Spirit, Soul, Mind, and Body extending through all states of existence. (…)
The basic facts are simple enough. We live between two worlds or states of existence. The Outerworld of ordinary, mundane living, and the mysterious Innerworld of thoughts, feelings, and subjective activities, which we vaguely classify as “spiritual”. Both worlds are real in relation to ourselves, and the energies operating through them are transmutable and interchangeable from one to another. The patterns formed by such exchanges are those by which we live. We can alter ourselves by altering our life patterns and vice versa.”
One of the things I have learned studying Gurdjieff is that evolution is against nature. Therefore, individual and collective human development is only possible by breaking the patterns.
When a man and a woman… Full text is available exclusively at

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