New ITF Numerology course

ITF Numerlogy course 2020

ITF Numerlogy course 2020
The new, certified ITF (International Tarot Foundation) Numerology course starts on the 20th of June at a promotional price of only 45 USD.
Three weeks, three sessions a week. The course includes a 60 paged pdf structured in 10 chapters:
1. The origin of traditional Western Numerology.
2. Gematria.
3. The Pythagorean system.
4. The Chaldean system.
5. Sepharial and the Numbers.
6. Cheiro’s Book of Numbers.
7. The numbering of the small cards and their numerological value.
8. The mystical way: the progression from Aces to Tens.
9. The key to the Major Arcana.
10. Speculative techniques and practical tips.
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