You are not a number

Unified Esoteric Tarot III Numerology

There is a pattern, a scenario that is defined and one can mechanically follow, and there is free will that enables us to make our own choices. Only on exceptional occasions choice and change is not an option. Although change is the hardest way, yet, is often a possibility.
The biggest obstacle in the way of change is the inherent human resistance to change and novelty. Anything unfamiliar scares us and makes us say, ‘that doesn’t feel right!’ We are not only creatures of habit but also slaves of patterns. Nothing feels more comfortable that the good old routine. The steadiness of cosmic movements translated to the predictability of numbers ensures that comfort. Perhaps, a false sentiment of security. Breaking the pattern and changing the rhythm is disturbing but indispensable to making progress happen. Do not wait for opportunities to come. Create them. Maybe the numbers define you and your way, but you are not a number, and you can be anytime anything you want.
(Excerpt from the Unified Esoteric Tarot handbook by Attila Karpathy)

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