Unified Esoteric Tarot and the decan attributions

Unified Esoteric Tarot and the decan attributions

Since its first coming into being, the Unified Esoteric Tarot has constantly evolved.
The most significant change was the astrological reattribution of the thirty-six Numerals.
Long story short, the first decan of a sign is ruled by the governing planet of the previous elementarily identical sign, the second decan – the one in the middle – is ruled by the governing planet of the sign, and the third by governing planet of the following elementarily identical sign.
As I recently explained in a live broadcast on YouTube, the Two of Wands triggered all these changes.
The common Mars in Aries attribute, similar to the Chaldean and modern attributing systems of the planetary rulership of the decans, never sat right with me.
All the Twos, but especially the Two of Wands, represent some sort of crossroads and involve decision-making. Mars in Aries doesn’t fit that profile. Mars in Aries is about to shoot first and ask questions later. Yet, most scholars and readers described the Two of Wands as meditative and somewhat undecided.
Eventually, I concluded that the rule applied to seasons should also be transposed to the decans.
According to Ptolemy, and subsequently, to most following Western astrologers, the central Fixed sign is the strongest and most relevant season-wise. Cardinal and Mutable signs represent transitions between seasons, while Fixed signs represent the full embodiment of each season. For instance, spring is composed of Aries, Taurus and Gemini, yet Taurus is the genuine spring sign, while Aries is on the brink of winter and spring, and Gemini is on the verge of spring and summer.
According to my experience, a similar pattern of attributing the ruling planets for the decans of the sign is a much better fit than the current formula. (The traditional view states that the sign’s ruling planet is also the governing planet of the first decan).
For example, the Fire signs are Aries, Leo and Sagittarius. Aries is governed by Mars, Leo by the Sun and Sagittarius by Jupiter. Thus, the first decan of Mars is ruled by Jupiter, the ruling planet of the previous Fire sign, the second decan by Mars, and the third decan by the Sun, the ruling planet of the following Fire sign.
The cards associated with Aries are the Two, Three and Four of Wands. The Two of Wands represent Jupiter in Aries, the Three of Wands Mars in Aries, and the Four of Wands the Sun in Aries.
I hope this was helpful.

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