I will start by quoting (again) Gurdjieff, one of my teachers.

“This is almost all that can be said in general about the ‘stairway’ and about the ‘way,’ because there are different ways. We have spoken of this before. And, for instance, on the fourth way there are special conditions which cannot be on the other ways. Thus the conditions for ascending the stairway on the fourth way are that a man cannot ascend to a higher step until he places another man upon his own step. The other, in his turn, must put in his place a third man in order to ascend higher. Thus, the higher a man ascends the more he depends upon those who are following him. If they stop, he also stops. Such situations as this may also occur on the way. A man may attain something, for instance, some special powers, and may later on sacrifice these powers in order to raise other people to his level. If the people with whom he is working ascend to his level, he will receive back all that he has sacrificed. But if they do not ascend, he may lose it altogether.
There are also various possibilities as regards the teacher’s situation in relation to the esoteric centre, namely, he may know more or he may know less about the esoteric centre, he may know exactly where this centre is and how knowledge and help was or is received from it; or he may know nothing of this and may only know the man from whom he himself received his knowledge. In most cases people start precisely from the point that they know only one step higher than themselves. And only in proportion to their own development do they begin to see further and to recognize where what they know came from.
“The results of the work of a man who takes on himself the role of teacher do not depend on whether or not he knows exactly the origin of what he teaches, but very much depends on whether or not his ideas come in actual fact from the esoteric centre and whether he himself understands and can distinguish esoteric ideas, that is, ideas of objective knowledge, from subjective, scientific, and philosophical ideas.”
(P. D. Ouspensky, In Search of the Miraculous)

In order to evolve, we need each other. As Gurdjieff pointed out, this is a pull-push relationship.
In the past twelve months I had a couple of private students.
While I am comfortable with writing in English, I am still not so keen to speak this language. Yet, I had to overcome my fears and restraints, and accept the challenges.
My students were all satisfied with the experience and for the coming calendar year I am considering organizing a couple of classes/workshops.
These will be online video meetings, but I will also consider writing and editing a few accompanying books.
If you are interested in learning more about Tarot and other related esoteric matters, please let me know.

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