Archetypes storytelling cards

Archetypes storytelling cards

I generally do not care to write about non-tarot decks. However, this one intrigued me because it is a variation of the idea used in the Storyteller Tarot. The idea is that cards can be used to create a story from start to finish including everything from character development to plot. This 64 card deck is designed to be useful in many different ways.
If you are a writer, you can use his deck to devise and continue story lines. If you play role-playing games, you can use it to devise characters and plots. It can even be used in place of the multi-sided dice required by many role-playing games. The upright and reversed meanings could also be used in divination.

Each card has the following correspondences:

Moon Phase
Number (1 – 10)
Reversed Keywords
Plot ideas

These are provided on an instruction sheet. The card meanings are provided on what appears to be a poor copy of an original printed sheet. (

Cards and full descriptions Here

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