Ethereum and the seven-pointed star

Ethereum Daily charts MAY 22 2023

Many people asked what is the seven-pointed star and what we can do with it.
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The Wheel combines Astrology, Tarot and Gurdjieff’s Law of Seven, commonly known as the Law of Octave.
I am often asked, please teach me this or teach me that. Well, it is not that simple.
The most significant thing to understand is that is never one thing, Astrology, Numerology, Alchemy, Kabbalah or the Tarot, but the combination of all these ways of knowledge. And to correctly understand and use them, one should know and understand a few basic principles and natural Laws. It is not about memorising them but effectively understanding them.
One of these Laws and principles is the Law of Seven. Another is the Law of Three. Most of these so-called Laws and principles are not human-made but are based on observation of nature and the universe.

As with any new approach and instrument, it requires observation, comparison and learning.

The Wheel is Astrology based, built upon the chart of a particular product or event.
That provides us with the exact location of each celestial object.
The attribution of Tarot cards for each of the thirty-six decans of the Zodiac identifies the card for each celestial object for that particular moment.
For example, for Ethereum, on 22 May 2023, Sun is in Gemini at 1 degree 15 minutes and 16 seconds. That is the first decan of Gemini and its Tarot card is the Eight of Swords ruled by the Page of Swords.
The Eight of Swords is associated with Uranus in Gemini, signifies versatility and it brings an opportunity for making clever, calculated moves and be creative, innovative.
The Page of Sword is associated with Jupiter in Gemini. It is a card of learning and initiation. Primarily it requires a change of mentality, abandoning an old pattern and finding a new way of looking at and dealing with things – we cannot expect different outcomes if we continue to deal with things in the same manner.
The Sun will transit the first decan of Gemini in about ten days.
For a deeper analysis, remember that the ten degrees of the decan are associated with the ten Sefirot of the Tree of Life, and each has a different vibe.

Now let’s recapitulate the basics of the Law of Seven.
The Law of Seven is (…)
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