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There is a significant yet generally overlooked aspect regarding the oldest known Tarot deck, the Visconti Tarot: the Major Arcana cards did not have any captions, and no names nor numbers were featured on them.
It is quite an odd feature if we accept the mainstream theory that these cards were primarily designed for entertainment and playing various card games.
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The 72 Angels and 72 Demons assigned to the 36 numbered Tarot cards

Tarot of the Seals 2019

Tarot of the Seals 2019

UPDATE, May, 2019.
Tarot of the Seals. Your ultimate instrument for practical and Ceremonial Magick.
Due to the total lack of involvement and support for the project, the work on this deck has been postponed indefinitely.
Also, 99.9% of the text of this article has been also removed.
Thanks for your understanding.

The following text is a very handy synthesis of all the known Angels and Spirits assigned to the 36 cards of the Minor Arcana of the Tarot deck. You will not find all these information together elsewhere!
Each one of these cards represents one decan (approximately 10 grades/10 days) of each zodiac sign. Each zodiac sign is represented by 3 Tarot cards; each Tarot card is assigned to 2 Angels, respectively 2 Spirits. 12 Spirits for each zodiac sign, the total of 144 Spirits for all the 12 signs.
Each Angel rules over five grades (half decan) while the Spirits are ruling one by day and one by night over ten grades (a whole decan).
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