Birth card, Ascendant and the seven-year life cycles

Seven-year life cycles Chart, Birth card and Ascendant

I’ve been working on this critical piece of esoteric teaching for a while now – over 8500 words and information you cannot find elsewhere. Enjoy!
(…) While these seven-year cycles are associated with specific stages of development, in the so-called civilised world, new standards have been developed and implemented. These artificial divisions and models further disconnect humans from the cycles of nature and the universe.
For instance, children are taken out of their families much earlier than they should and spend considerably less time with their parents. At a subconscious level, this can have quite a damaging effect on the further development of the individual.
A Romanian saying speaks about “the seven years from home” as crucial to developing common sense and respectful standards for social interaction, but it also defines good from bad. The lack of these “seven years from home” may damage the individual ability to communicate and integrate into the community.
These stages have their own characteristics. The first stage is associated with maternal protection. The second with paternal protection as the child’s horizon enlarges. The third stage marks the departure from parental influence and the first manifestations of the ego. In the following stages, the individual learns to develop and use various private and social masks to reveal or hide their multiple personalities.
Thus, as growing up, individuals learn and adjust themselves from being children to becoming parents. This gradual shift of responsibility is not always smooth and painless.
Another often disregarded aspect is the evolution of the first, fifth, seventh and tenth stages, respectively, second, fourth, eighth and eleven, and third, sixth, ninth and twelfth. These stages are like Lego blocks and are built one on another. When one of these stages presents some particular issues, those issues will be projected into the following cycle. For example, troubles in the fifth cycle will also echo in the seventh and perhaps even in the tenth.
It is not a stretch to state that the first three stages are fundamental, and upon their health is raised and shaped, everything that follows. (…)

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