Counterfeit plastic problems

At some point, plastic became a huge ecological issue. Plastic bags were floating around the rivers, getting into the oceans, and flying on the wings of the wind all over.
Then, plastic manufacturers came up with this brilliant idea of recycling. Practically, they shift responsibility from themselves to the (innocent) consumers.
Recycling plastic is a joke. It doesn’t work, never did and did not solve the ecological problems, but the companies manufacturing plastic and those using it get off the hook. Often with massive support from NGOs which they backed up financially.
Likewise, we cannot blame the retailers or buyers for selling, respectively, buying the cheapest product. This is capitalism: demand and supply. And the lowest price always wins.
We can do nothing if the retailers legally import counterfeit products and everybody pays their taxes.
As long as creators and publishing companies are willing to risk being counterfeit for a small profit margin, it is their choice, policy and business strategy.
Not to mention, most of the original decks manufactured in China have a substantially lower quality than those printed in Europe or the USA in the 80s. Who put the local businesses out of business?
And as I always said, printed products are only a small slice of the pie. It is the same with electronics, clothing, cosmetics and most things we own and use.
As long as the companies and the governments are happy with this, we can only continue to vote for traitors and idiots and enjoy these benefits.

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