Esoteric Tarot – The Fool (book)

Esoteric Tarot Series The Fool - Journal and Workbook

I am happy to announce that my new book is published and available!

You can get your copy exclusively from:

My name is Attila Kárpáthy, and I’m a tarotolog, mystic, occultist and mixed esoteric artist, writer, poet, painter, photographer, musician and cook from Transylvania. Transylvania with a “T” and not Pennsylvania with a “P” – as often people misunderstood. Still, I do not have werewolf cousins nor vampire aunts, I do not sleep in a casket, and I do not feed with fresh virgin blood or other people’s energy. I’m just a regular Hungarian guy born in the middle of a once Magick realm that somehow still preserved some of its ancient charms.

Most people are looking for guidance, and they are searching on the outside for a master, a guru, a spiritual guide.
However, the one true master is waiting to be discovered on the inside.
By no means, I’m a guru nor a model to follow. I did plenty of dumb things in my life and not always was capable of learning from my own mistakes. However, I am a highly rational and analytical person and always willing to learn and explore beyond the ordinary boundaries of knowledge. Therefore, I can share with you the things I have learned, the connections I made, and the stuff I have discovered.
More importantly, instead of showing you any particular path, I created an instrument of self-exploration and self-initiation that will allow you to find your own way and make your own discoveries.
Learning is a never-ending and transcending process. After each top of the mountain, you will conquer, you will discover new tops to ascend. Having the right equipment to do so, even the most challenging efforts may transform into pleasure.

This is a series of twenty-eight plus one books dedicated exclusively to self-development and the exploration of the Tarot.
The current book is dedicated to the Fool. The book is divided into two distinctive sections.
The first section offers an in-depth analysis of the Fool card from a cultural, mythological, mystical and esoteric perspective. It has an innovative design as there are specially designed dotted spaces left for you to take notes and add your own thoughts.
The second section is called Journal and Workbook and consist of 312 diary entries, each entry featuring a three-card spread and a Fool related quote, plus twelve extra exercises with various other Tarot spread from three to twenty-one cards.
A total of 404 pages!

Table of contents


Acknowledgements – v
About these books and how to use them – vii

The Fool, the whole Fool and nothing but the Fool – 1
The complete esoteric key to the Fool – 31


Journal and Workbook – 47

Exercise #1: the Blind Spot spread – 76
Exercise #2: the Move On spread – 104
Exercise #3: the Cross spread – 132
Exercise #4: the Sunrise spread – 160
Exercise #5: simple Decision spread – 188
Exercise #6: the Game of Choices – 216
Exercise #7: the Pathfinder spread – 244
Exercise #8: the World Tree spread – 272
Exercise #9: the Accomplishment spread – 300
Exercise #10: the inverted Pyramid – 329
Exercise #11: the Astrological one year spread – 358
Exercise #12: the Romany or Gypsy spread – 386

Selected bibliography – 393



Esoteric Tarot Series The Fool - Journal and Workbook

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