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Moon in GD Numerals

Today is Full Moon, also called Pink Moon, after the pink flowers that bloom in spring.
Therefore, I have chosen a Moon-related topic.

I often get this question, should we study the images of the Tarot cards?
It depends from one deck to another. For instance, the Magic Tarot by Frédéric Lionel is a deck specially designed by the author based on esoteric knowledge. Every little detail is meaningful, and nothing is left to random accidents. Frédéric Lionel was an alchemist, one of the last of his kind.
However, most Tarot decks are designed by artists unaware of esoteric knowledge.
There is an increasing interest in studying the images of various decks, especially different editions of the Tarot of Marseille and the Rider-Waite deck.
Most modern decks are reinterpretations of the classic Rider-Waite deck, respectively, the work of Pamela Colman Smith.
From esoteric content and learning perspective, how accurate are these images?
Art and someone’s taste in art is a subjective matter. Picasso may or may not speak to you, yet our subjective interpretation is irrelevant regarding his artistic heritage.
The same goes for Pamela Colman Smith’s artwork. Some appreciate others don’t her style and approach. It is a matter of taste and subjective, individual perception.
I’m only interested in the esoteric content of her work – mainly because many people indulge themselves in veritable treasure hunts looking for hidden clues and meanings in the tiniest details of these cards.
In 1909, both A.E. Waite and Pamela Colman Smith knew considerably less about the Tarot than most people know nowadays. That’s a fact. Waite disregarded the Tarot but seized an opportunity and wanted to cash in.
Pamela had only a few months at her disposal and some general instructions from Waite, mainly based on Etteilla’s interpretation of cards.
Based on their affiliation, most people consider the Rider-Waite deck representative for the Golden Dawn system, while it is not.
Strictly technically speaking, five of the thirty-six Pipes (Numerals) are associated with various positions of the Moon.
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