Mystical Cats Tarot deck

For millennia, every culture in the world has sought to understand the mystical nature of the cat. No other creature has inspired more tributes in art, literature, and music. Folklore is filled with tales of cat magic. What truly lies behind the cat’s knowing gaze will be forever a mystery to its human companions.
Cats are good at keeping their secrets. This deck offers a glimpse into a hidden realm of feline enchantment that exists alongside the everyday life cats share with us. This is a magical otherworld where our own cats dwell—perhaps in their imaginations or ancestral memory, but who knows? Maybe they journey there when we are not looking.
Cats are not mere pets. They are the rightful descendants of the Cat Goddess, in all their furry glory. As your cat sits quietly curled on her favorite cushion, observing the world through half-closed eyes, remember that ancient wisdom is the heritage of this eternally mystical creature.
In this deck, the Majors are the Cat Mysteries, feline interpretations of these universal soul lessons. The four Minor Arcana suits are newly envisioned as four Cat Clans (Fire, Sea, Sky, and Earth), and the court cards are Kitten, Tom, Queen, and King. The accompanying book explores these Mysteries and Clans, with the Cat itself as your guide, offering advice from a feline perspective. (

Mystical Cats Tarot

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