KS King of Cups

Karpathy-Smith Tarot King of Cups

Karpathy-Smith Tarot King of Cups
Wealth regarding the King of Cups refers to emotional wealth, the depth of Read more KS King of Cups

King of Cups

Traditional Divinatory Tarot, King of Cups

Traditional Divinatory Tarot, King of Cups Fortune-telling interpretation:
Upright: Arrival, coming, approaching, access. Reception, entrance, Admittance, rapprochement. Conformity, advent, approximation, accession. Crowd. Comparison.
Reversed: Mischief, villainy, trickery, ruse, artifice, deception, cunning, scam. Finesse or refinement, adroitness, versatility, pliability, cheating. Subtlety, irregularity. Wickedness or baseness.

King of Cups – Mars in Scorpio (Autumn)
Upright: emotional, magnetic, complex, mysterious, determined, strong-willed, proud and dignified. Passionate and sensual. Sex is an all-encompassing experience; it is intensely erotic, both physically and emotionally. However, they can be a bit obsessive and may be attracted to the darker side of sex. It might be fascinated with the occult, death and challenges.
Reversed: obsessive, extreme, secretive, provocative, jealous and controlling.

78 + cover and bulk card deck, 330gsm superior quality smooth card stock.
The cards feature upright and reversed meaning, astrological, numerological and kabbalistic attributions.
8-sided, accordion, printed mini-booklet with 5 card spreads and further instructions.
PLUS, 24 pages A5 digital booklet, Cartomancy Class One PDF for FREE included!

TRADITIONAL DIVINATORY TAROT – REGULAR EDITION 62 USD (shrink-wrapped and delivered in white, window tuck box)

TRADITIONAL DIVINATORY TAROT – DELUXE EDITION 78 USD (shrink-wrapped and delivered in a custom rigid box)

Traditional Divinatory Tarot