The 1JJ Swiss deck

The 1JJ Swiss deck

The Swiss 1JJ Tarot deck is a 78-card deck used for the tarot card games Troccas and Troggu and also for divination.
The deck is derived from the Tarot de Besançon which itself comes from the Tarot de Marseille. It is an Italian suited pack which substitutes the figures of Juno and Jupiter in place of the Popess and Pope of the Tarot de Marseille.
The cards are not reversible and both the trumps and pip cards use Roman numeral indexing. The lack of modern features like reversibility, corner indices, and Arabic numerals has made this deck unpopular for tarot gamers outside of their native communities. For example, the French-speaking Swiss (Romands) prefer using the Tarot Nouveau to play French Tarot. It is still the official deck for Troccas tournaments.

Name: 1JJ Swiss Tarot
Creators: Stuart Kaplan
Publisher: US Games 1970
Deck Type: Tarot Deck
Cards: 78
Major Arcana: 22
Minor Arcana: 56
Deck Tradition: Marseilles
Minor Arcana Style: Marseilles-Style Pips
Suits: Coupes, Deniers, Epees, Batons
Court Cards: Roi, Reine, Chevalier, Valet
The Fool is 0
Strength is 11
Justice is 8

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