The Fool

Traditional Divinatory Tarot, The Fool

Traditional Divinatory Tarot, The Fool (Fire) The Fool
Fortune-telling interpretation:
Upright: madness, lunacy or folly, dementia, extravagance, unreasonableness, distraction, drunkenness, delirium, frenzy, abnormality or unsoundness, fury, transport, outburst or outpouring. Enthusiasm. Blindness or blinkered state, ignorance. Fool or madman, absurd, irrational. Innocent, simple, simple-minded or insane.
Reversed: Idiocy, ineptitude, carefreeness, casualness. Happy-go-luck state of mind, nonsense, imprudence, negligence, absence, distraction. Apathy, fainting, exhaustion or annihilation, sleep, nothingness or emptiness, uselessness or nullity, empty or void. Nothing, vain.

The Air, Water and Fire attributed to the Tarot card according to the kabbalistic scheme, should not be confused with the Four Elements. These are the Three Primes or Tria Prima mentioned by Paracelsus.
According to alchemists, Mercury, Salt and Sulphur are the three-fold aspects of all phenomena to be found in all compounds of a mineral or organic nature.
Mercury represents the Spirit, Salt the Body; and Sulphur the Soul. Philosophically speaking, Mercury is the Mind; Salt is the Will, and Sulphur is Love. The three are the components of the Philosopher’s Stone.
According to the alchemists, Sulphur and Mercury are the primordial opposites that are part of the inherent duality of the universe. The Two Contraries were seen as reciprocal principles of nature, usually described as male and female or active and passive. Sulphur is the fiery, solar, active, masculine principle that gives a substance its active properties and identity in relation to other substances. In alchemy, it is usually associated with the sun and King.
The metal between the spirit and the body is the soul, which indeed is Sulphur.
Sulphur represents the self-conscious level.

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8-sided, accordion, printed mini-booklet with 5 card spreads and further instructions.
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Traditional Divinatory Tarot

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