78 days Tarot challenge, day eleven

20180111 28-2 King of Cups

20180111 28-2 King of Cups

Day eleven: King of Cups.
The King of Cups is the card of flirting and of falling in love at first sight.
It signifies adventures, one night stands but you can never know with these things, what starts as an adventure can anytime turn into the love of your life.
Mars gives the spark, but Scorpio always has to dive beneath the surface and discover dark secrets.
Mars is the planet of immediate action, Scorpio is the constellation of deep, life-changing emotional experiences and transformations. These two approaches are obviously contradictory, but this is the key to the Court Cards: finding balance, reconciliation of apparently unreconciliable situations, emotions and thoughts.

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(Excerpt from the booklet “The Unified Esoteric Tarot – General introduction and Guidebook” by Attila Blága. Full or partial use of this text for commercial or non-commercial distribution by any means whatsoever is strictly prohibited unless expressly authorised by the author.)

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