Mona Lisa Tarot

Imagine visiting Renaissance Florence in a parallel world, a place where the cult of the sacred female reigned supreme over the male-dominated Church. At the center of this story is the seraphic figure of Mona Lisa—a beautiful presence that enlivens this richly-illustrated deck.
Who was Mona Lisa and what mystery hides behind her smile? For lovers of enigmas, each of these cards suggests a clue to discover a personality who, in turn, is part of the collective imagination. For connoisseurs of divination this deck offers all of the potential of contemporary Tarots, combining symbolic depth and evocative imagery.

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4 comments on “Mona Lisa Tarot

  1. There is no companion book. It does not exist unless you want to count that 2×3 inch booklet in the deck.. The site I bought the deck from said a companion BOOK would be published. This is a beautiful deck. It is one of the most gorgeous ones out there but there just isn’t a BOOK that I can find anywhere on the internet for it.

  2. Most of the decks use the Rider-Waite method for interpreting the cards, which is roughly based on Etteilla’s interpretation of the cards. Very few decks have an original and fundamentally different method of reading the cards and in those cases, it is specified and instructions are provided. You should try to contact the author or publisher, there is literally nothing I can do for you. Best wishes!

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